Month: January, 2021

Carrots are root vegetables that have a sweet taste. They’re many types of carrots that differ in their shapes, types, and colors making carrot juice one of the most popular juices. Carrots can be squeezed alone or mixed with other fruits such as apples, oranges or even cinnamon and ginger to make juice. It is […]

Many women have achieved great successes in numerous fields, although it was not easy for them to reach their goals. Below are the most important things that must be focused on in order for a woman to be successful in her life. Keep learning One of the most important factors for women’s success is the […]

Malnutrition refers to the lack, excess or imbalances in a person’s nutrient consumption. Malnutrition has two main sets of conditions. These are caused by either problems absorbing nutrient from food or a lack of enough nutrients in a diet. Below are the two conditions: Nutritional deficiency This is when the body does not get enough […]

The main function of the respiratory system is to transport oxygen from the air to all other parts of the body and get rid of carbon dioxide gas as waste by exhaling. Your lungs are a part of the respiratory system and work together with other organs to help you breathe. Even though all tobacco […]

Automatic car Before starting to drive an automatic, one should know the gearboxes, the letters and the meanings. (P) Stands for (Park) and is used when parking and getting out of the vehicle. (R) Stands for (Reverse) and is used for driving in reverse – basically going backwards. (N) symbolises (Neutral) and it should not […]

The human body has around 620 different muscles made up of muscle fibers also made up of acids found in proteins called amino acids. People use their muscles in doing different activities and others to show off – as a tight body with large muscles is desirable for many. Body building is the use of […]