Month: September, 2021

When you don’t sleep well you end up feeling so tired, irritated and not able to concentrate. It can start affecting your work/school performance, ruin relationships and also affect your health. Over 100 million people do not get enough sleep and many end up with sleep disorders. Sleep therapy is a type of therapy made […]

The pancreas is a pear-shaped organ 6-10 inches long, extending horizontally behind the stomach in the upper left part of the human abdomen. It is surrounded by the small intestine, spleen, and liver. The pancreas acts as a ductal gland that secretes digestive juices. It can also act as an endocrine gland that regulates the […]

All the activities that get rid of stress won’t help you if you are not taking care of yourself. Meditating won’t do a thing if you aren’t getting enough sleep. You might try to meditate and end up falling asleep because your body isn’t getting enough rest. Same thing, going to the gym won’t relieve […]

If you’re looking for smooth skin and have tried every single skincare product, it is probably time to re check your routine. It could be caused by stress or your diet. There are many things that can cause your skin to look rough and dull. After all healthy skin is smooth skin. Read on for […]

The hands peel due to sensitivity, dryness, and roughness that affects the hands. However if your hands are neglected, it will result in superficial wounds with severe pain in the hands. So care must be taken of the softness and moisture of the hands, and in this article we will talk about what is the […]

A coat of mascara can make your lashes look bambi-like but isn’t there just something special about naturally long eyelashes? Lashes start drying and snapping off as you age. So basically, encouraging length keeps your lashes healthy and strong. I mean who doesn’t want that? Below is some ways dermatology approved to grow them. Eyelash […]