Month: October, 2021

Grilled steak  Ingredients 6 pieces of beef steak, each approximately 250 grams. A quarter cup of vinegar, 60 ml. A quarter cup of olive oil, 55 ml. Garlic cloves. A teaspoon of black pepper. One teaspoon of salt. A teaspoon of oregano. Preparation Place the pieces of meat on a parchment paper, and pound them […]

Teaching is a professional activity performed by the teacher through basic and main operations, and its aim is to help students to learn and to teach well. Teaching skill is the performance carried out by the teacher, based on the ease, accuracy and understanding of what acquired rights. They learn from the motor and mental, while providing a greater amount of […]

The love feast is a very special day for spouses and lovers. On this day they offer gits to each other and below are some gift ideas; Spend a night in a luxury hotel. Romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Buy your partner’s favorite fragrance. Participation in a sports club. Go shopping with your partner. […]

What is plastic? Plastic is defined as any organic, synthetic or semi-synthetic polymer that is permanently composed of carbon and hydrogen, and it may contain other elements other than them, and the term plastic refers to the property of plasticity and the ability to deform without breaking. Extraction The manufacture of plastic begins with the process […]

To treat infertility, the doctor begins by trying to discover the causes. They do this to make sure they choose the appropriate treatment. The doctor may treat infertility with drugs or surgical procedures, and he may also recommend the use of an assisted reproductive technology such as: IVF and intrauterine insemination. This is done if […]

The causes of burns in adults and children vary, this includes burns resulting from direct exposure of the skin to fire. Also electrical and chemical burns, or burns that result from touching a hot object. Burns caused by hot water are varied may be from water spilled from pots, shower water, or any kind of […]