Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Distracting the driver

There are many reasons for the driver to be distracted while driving the vehicle. Some of which occur inside the vehicle and others outside it. Things like making a phone call, which reduces the focus of the brain and the skill of driving and thus causing traffic accidents.

It is advised to stop aside to make the call in case of necessity. The vehicle or controlling the vehicle radio while driving distracts the driver’s focus. And the driver may also be exposed to distractions outside his vehicle. For instance the appearance of animals on the road or advertising signs. So it is advised to avoid paying attention to distractions in order to ensure the driver’s safety and to avoid traffic accidents.

Bad weather and roads

Driving in bad weather conditions like heavy rain are among the causes of traffic accidents. As water causes the formation of slippery surfaces that increase the risk of driving on the roads.

This calls for increased care and patience when driving in bad weather conditions. Also reducing the speed, and leaving a sufficient distance between cars while driving. It is also indicated that the driver loses control of the car when surprised by the appearance of a hole in his road, or his tire may explode in the event of passing over potholes and rough roads.

Over speed

It is advisable to avoid excessive speeding when driving the vehicle. This is because the goal of reducing the speed is not only to avoid traffic violation, but to avoid greater risks and to preserve the safety of the driver and the safety of others. Regardless of the cause of the speed. It could be due to being late for work, or the occurrence of an emergency requiring the arrival the driver quickly. Either way the driver must know that his ability to control his vehicle decreases as the speed of his vehicle increases, which causes unfortunate traffic accidents, the results of which may go beyond serious injuries to reach deaths.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Fatigue and drowsiness cause a large number of traffic accidents annually. The driver should stop immediately when he feels any of the signs of drowsiness, as his ability to respond well to what may be exposed to him on the road. His focus is distorted in estimating the traffic, driving inside or outside the traffic limits.

Drinking alcohol

The risk of driving and the possibility of serious traffic accidents are doubled if the driver consumes any alcoholic beverages. The driver then loses his focus and his ability to drive properly. This is because alcohol slows down a person’s reaction and response. And also delays vision due to a person’s feeling of dizziness and imbalance. In addition to that it stimulates the driver to take risks and drive recklessly. This is due to the fact that alcohol depresses fear. It is worth noting the need to avoid taking some types of drugs that cause drowsiness or dizziness while driving.

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