Easy Hacks For Cleaning Your Car’s Interior Detailedly

Easy Hacks For Cleaning Your Car’s Interior Detailedly

You can make your car’s interior sparkle again! You know what’s even more shocking? You can do it on your own. Because you already have many of the tools and materials needed. Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s dive right into easy hacks for cleaning your car’s interior detailedly.

We’ll start by cleaning seats.

Cloth/fabric car seats can be cleaned by following the subsequent simple steps:

  1. Suction the dirt on the seats with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Bring a special detergent to clean fabrics only, not a multi-purpose detergent.
  3. Spray the detergent on the seat racks – Take care not to overdo it, so as to avoid the formation of moisture and mildew later on.
  4. Scrub the sprayed area with the fabric detergent using a special cloth or a cleaning brush.
  5. Wipe the area well with a rag and repeat the process until the area is completely cleaned.
  6. Suction the area with a vacuum cleaner in case it has the water suction feature, then move to clean another area.

Note: It is recommended to allow the seats to dry completely before use.

Your car’s interior may have some details that contain a lot of dirt yet hidden, hence making it difficult to clean. But worry less.

Here are some effective ways to clean these areas:

A lot of dirt collects inside the car cup holder. You can clean this place by placing a cloth sock underneath a sized cup suitable for the holder. Then go on and spray by using a little glass cleaner and wipe the stand by placing the cup in a rotating way. Afterwards, remove the stuck dirt using a wooden barbecue skewer.

Use a wooden barbecue skewer to remove dirt around the details between the plastic parts and the car floor, then vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean plastic parts with ammonia-free cleaning materials to avoid discoloration.

Clean the tires with a special cleaning fluid by rubbing them with a sponge and then rinsing them with water.

Effective car cleaning tricks

Here are some effective car cleaning tricks:

  1. Use a lanolin hair cleaning formula to wash the car, as it contains a waxy substance that protects it.
  2. Clean up stains on the windshield with soft drinks.
  3. Cleaning the headlights with a window cleaner.
  4. Add a little baking soda to a bucket of water as well as a washing-up liquid for car washing.

And to perfectly clean your car’s exterior, Follow these steps

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