How To Get Your Car Unstuck From The Mud

How To Get Your Car Unstuck From The Mud

There are few things worse than heading to the mountains or heading upcountry only to have your car

 stuck in the mud. Every car no matter the type can get stuck in the mud, whether it’s a big truck or 

low-clearance car. Here are some of the few tips and tricks that will help you to unstuck your car in  mud. 

Use of traction boards

You might not have thought that traction boards  are essentials to keep in your car 

which is true at some point, but if you’re heading upcountry, you might need to carry them with you in your car.Traction boards are quite expensive but they can come in handy if you like using muddy roads. You might be wondering how you can use these traction boards to unstuck your car from mud.

Place the 2 boards behind the 2 tires at the back which are likely to be the ones stuck, one on each tire make sure there is nothing behind your car because they can be slippery and cause your car to move behind. After placing the tires in their rightful place, enter your car and steer moving forward. You will have to accelerate fast so that your tires can move up the traction boards faster and just like that your car will be unstuck and you will be good to go.

Use of hardwood boards

These are normal boards that are made of wood that we all know, preferably a 1×4. It’s not everyday that we have pieces of wood in our cars. However,  if you are fortunate to get like 2 boards of hardwood they may come in handy to help you get your car out of mud. Just like traction boards, wood boards also do the same thing. But they can be used when you can’t get hold of traction boards.  This is how you use them; You can place them under the tyres facing the front and steer forward and your car will get unstuck and you can go on with your journey.

Dig around your tires

By using a shovel you might be able to dig your way out of mud. How? If you have a shovel try digging up the mud around your tyres. You can dig moving forward so you can create a sort of narrow pathway in front of the tyres. The pathway should be as deep as the end of the tyres.  When you can see the whole tyre, try driving forward  in the pathway you created. If you don’t have  a shovel don’t panic because you can still use your hands. It might be a lot of work so if you can get rubber gloves use them. By using your hands you are doing the same thing by clearing mud from the tyres and digging a pathway that is like 10inches front from where the tyres are stuck. 

What this does is create a sort of small clearing so your tyre can be unstuck and when you drive forward in the pathway that you created your wheels can move freely because you created a space and then you can steer left to avoid getting stuck in that hole like pathway you created. 

Strap a 2×4 wood around tire

As much as this can appear to be a lot of work, it can be a life saver. Do you have straps and 4 pieces of 2×4 pieces of hardwood? When trying to get your car from the mud you can use these requirements. You can start by tying a piece of wood on each tyre, ensuring it’s very tight. Enter your car and accelerate moving forward. What the wood does is to help the tyres bounce on them while exerting pressure and emerging from the ground as the wood touches the ground – this will help tyres to be unstuck from mud. 

Spinning your wheel by accelerating faster

This is a common method people resort to in order to get unstuck from mu. However, it can also be ineffective if not done properly. So how can you use this method to get good results? 

All you have to do is to rock your car back and forward to gain momentum. Once you have created momentum and created room for your car to spin, get bystanders to push the car from the back. Keep your car in forward and reversed movements and try to make slight movements to the sides so your car won’t stay in one place. Eventually your car will be unstuck from mud. 

Use of another car to pull your car out

This is also a common method they use to pull cars out of mud. If it’s possible to get another car to help you pull out of mud it would be better. You can get a strong strap and tie it at the back of the car and tie the other part at the front of your car(there is a specific part that was made for that). The car should be specifically a 4×4 for this to be effective without causing further complications. What you do is to ensure that both the drivers are communicating before starting off, and that both drivers will accelerate forward in a straight line at the same speed. Repeat this process so as to gain the needed momentum to pull the tyres away from the mud.

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