What Cars Can You Find In Rwanda?

What Cars Can You Find In Rwanda?

Most popular cars in Rwanda

Are you in Rwanda and looking for a car? Well you are in luck because below are the most popular cars in the country, you will find Toyota, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz but the popularity depends on who’s purchasing the car. It is easy and manageable to drive yourself in Rwanda but it all begins with finding the right vehicle for you.


In Rwanda, Toyota is quite popular because it is small and easy to park, cheap and the spare parts are easily accessible. The popular Toyota cars are;

Toyota Yaris replaced Starlet and Tercel, and was sold since 1999 till today. Yaris has four generations. With an engine power of 1.22cc and has five seats.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Corolla was manufactured in 1996 and by 1974 became the bestselling car globally and has still been since then until today. Corolla has been redesigned several times during the twelve generations. It has an engine power of 1.66cc with five seats.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry, sold since 1982 with different generations till present. The model codes were designed as SV10, SV11 and SV12 depending on the generation. Camry has an engine power of 2.0cc and has five seats.

Toyota Camry

Toyota RAV4, standing for Recreational Activity Vehicle, was produced in 1994, in both Europe and Japan but launched in 1996 in North America. This particular vehicle was designed as a compact crossover SUV (sport utility vehicle), with benefits such as high visibility, cargo room, manoeuvrability. From 1994- present, RAV4 was established from first to fifth generation. The RAV4 has an engine power of 2.4cc and 5 seats.

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Hilux was produced from 1968 to present. It is also known as Toyota pick-up or Toyota truck and was made with eight generations. Hilux is known to be reliable and durable during continuous hefty use or misuse.

Toyota Hilux


Volkswagen Polo was produced since 1975 by a German manufacturer. It has been produced in six generations. It has an engine power of 1.6cc and has five seats. Towards the End of March 2019 Volkswagen was launched in Rwanda – The Teramont, VW polo, VW Pasat and VW amarok. Their target is to produce 1000 cars per year.


Volkswagen Polo


Volkswagen Amarok

PASAT VW                     

Volkswagen Pasat


Volkswagen Teramont

Mercedes Benz C-Class and G-class

Mercedes Benz C-Class

The popular Mercedes Benz cars in Rwanda are Mercedes Benz C-Class and Mercedes Benz G-Class. The C-Class is a luxurious car sold in either coupe or convertible body styles.

Mercedes Benz G-class

The G-Class is a luxurious SUV (sport utility vehicle) sometimes called G wagen is a four wheel drive manufactured in Austria.

The reason as to why Toyota cars are more popular in Rwanda than other cars is because they have a low fuel consumption, are reliable and their spare parts are easily available in stores. Garages are able to take care of these cars when they have either minor or major difficulties compared to others. However this does not apply to all the popular cars in Rwanda. When it comes to Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz they are quite pricy and are popular because they are stylish and reliable at all times. In Rwanda there are two types of fuel, petrol (gasoline) and diesel. Whether a car uses petrol or diesel, is determined by the car engine.        

Where can I buy new/second hand cars in Rwanda?

Buying cars in Rwanda is quite easy, you can always get a car anywhere. There are online websites especially made for selling second hands cars. However there are dealerships as well for selling brand new cars. Second hand cars are more affordable than new cars and it’s easier to buy them in Rwanda rather than importing. Nevertheless, the price of the car depends on the year it was manufactured and the engine. Once you buy the car you register it at Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

Dealerships (Brand New)

  • Rwanda Motor
  • Hyundai Rwanda
  • Akagera Motor
  • SAR Motors
  • Volkswagen
  • Toyota Rwanda
  • Kigali Auto Bazaar
  • Car Mudi
  • Gorilla motor

Second hand cars

It is easier to buy second hand cars are online or at Magerwa. Magerwa was established in 1969 and is a logistics company that handles the exports and imports in Rwanda. Magerwa headquarter is located in Gatenga, Kigali. Second hand cars can be purchased at Magerwa with no complications.

Online websites

Driving licence process

In order to get a driving licence in Rwanda one must attend a driving school where you do theoretical course on driving. First you register, you’re then given a book to read and learn all the laws. It can take a month or more, it depends on how fast you can learn. Afterwards you’re given a theory test, if you pass that you get a provisional or temporary license. Followed by a practical test, then you’re good to go and are given a definitive driving licence. However attending driving school is optional. If you already know how to drive but don’t have a driving licence you can go ahead and do the test online at IREMBO then you’re given a definitive driving licence. It will cost 50,000 RWF (51 USD) and takes a period of about 14 days.

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