What Makes Your Car Run Out Of Engine Oil

What Makes Your Car Run Out Of Engine Oil

You probably know more about the engine oil. At a very basic level, engine oil is the oil that is placed in an internal combustion engine. It does the work of lubricating the engines’ moving parts and cleaning the engine. It also prevents its wear and improves its performance. Additionally, it cools the engine, by removing heat from its moving parts. If you want to know what makes your car run out of engine oil, keep reading.

The engine oil is manufactured from non-petroleum chemicals and also from petroleum. It is generally composed of organic compounds consisting of hydrogen, carbon, and hydrocarbon materials.

Reasons for the shortage of engine oil

Many cars are exposed to a shortage of engine oil every period of time or after covering long distances. In this regard, new engines often consume a quarter gallon of oil for their sake.

You can cover a distance of 4000 kilometers, and some of it consumes almost no oil. With more kilometers, the consumption of engine oil begins in an upward manner. Well, the consumption of a quarter gallon of oil for 1600 kilometers is acceptable for engines that cover long distances. But as time passes by it will start emitting blue smoke from the exhaust. Why though?

Among the reasons that lead to a shortage of engine oil are the following:

Corrosion in the guides of the valves and piston rings, or the presence of a vacuum.

If there is a large gap between the guides and the valve stems, or cracked, broken, or wrongly placed, the oil will be absorbed by the engine and thrown into the cylinders to maintain the pressure ratio in the engine.

The cylinders in the engine were not properly polished or machined, which were newly rehabilitated, which made them too soft or rough, or the piston rings were erected in an upside-down manner, or their end gaps were excessively large.

The engine oil shortage may also result from an oil leakage from the engine due to a malfunction in the engine seals.

Sometimes, the engine oil shortage may suggest that the oil evaporated due to increased heat inside the engine.

Methods for solving the shortage of engine oil

There may not be a radical solution to stop the burning of the oil, but motor oil with a high viscosity can be used to help reduce the consumption rate.

As for the engine that consumes oil due to the leakage, the best treatment would be to stop the leakage by changing the valve cover and oil pan faces, or by adding sealants to the crankshaft housing, or by using motor oil that contains substances to prevent leakage.

If the oil consumption is a result of damaged and worn valve guides, the sealants can be replaced in the valve guide only, without removing the heads Cylinders, or engine rehabilitation.

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