Teamwork ability The success of the group is more important and greater than the success of the individual. As a leader you must be aware of the differences that exist among team members, whether in their interests or their personal lives. The leader must also build strong relationships with employees in order to distinguish their […]

What is a shop? The shops we have on Catchyz are online shops. The same way you would have your own physical store but this one is online. Basically, an online shop allows you to sell goods and services on the internet with the use a web browser/mobile app. Steps in creating a shop The […]

Determine the recipient of the request Determining the main purpose for the job application letter is of great importance to ensure that it reaches the right person. To determine this, it is necessary to look at the size of the company or institution. Note that at times it isn’t possible to directly approach the person […]

Starting an independent business is not an easy task, it requires planning, perseverance, patience, determination and motivation. Everyone today, this new generation is bent on becoming their own leaders. The new age of entrepreneurs, changing the world, modernizing society, shaping culture and developing ideas. Starting a business requires foundations, small steps that later on become […]

Usually getting a job in life has a lot to do with a person and what they feel. Sometimes our old jobs stress us out or we feel we’re not achieving our goals, thus we may leave them and look somewhere else where we may find something more suitable. However, getting a new job is […]

The internet has been developing since 1958, all the way up until 2011. The internet throughout time has been known as a massive worldwide network used to help connect lives together from different parts of the world. The internet itself and how it was formed in different development stages to combine computers and integrate them […]