Life Hacks

Rust is one of the negative phenomena that affects iron, for it deforms it and changes its color. Rust is formed as a result of an interaction between the iron and oxygen elements. The reason behind this interaction is the formation of moisture on the iron. Here are methods to get rid of the rust […]

Home landscaping and gardening is one of the arts of home decoration. You may already have a beautiful garden but with the right additions it may end up being one of your homes most attractive area. You can add more effort and comfort by putting well selected pieces, garden umbrellas, parachutes, seats etc. Other tools […]

Taking care of your nails is necessary for them to grow correctly. This is because nails have layers of proteins called keratin that keep the nails thick and strong when they’re thin. The thickness of these layers on the nails can be increased by using some natural oils that can therefore increase moisture and growth […]

The ketogenic diet is a diet that focuses on gaining calories from foods that are rich in protein and fats. Therefore, you should reduce on the intake of foods that are rich in easily digestive carbohydrates. For instance; soda, pastries, sugar and white bread. For the body to reach the ketogenic state, a person should […]

One of the things that most annoys a person about their personal appearance is coarse hair. Coarse hair can at times be difficult to comb until you moisturize it well making it easy to comb. There are many ways to care for coarse hair, including: The nature of coarse hair Coarse hair is hair that […]

What is Irembo Irembo is a Kinyarwanda word which means gateway or door. It literally represents access. The Irembo initiative by the Government of Rwanda, aims at turning Rwanda into a paperless and cashless society -The Rwanda we want. On the top of that it seeks to improve Government service delivery to the citizens as […]