Do you want your kids to behave and show better social skills? Want your wife not to blow your head off or your husband to be more vocally affectionate? You should try family bonding time. What is Family Bonding Time? Family bonding time is meaningful time spent together with your family. This is time specifically for […]

Which one is your favourite? Jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, musk or moss? I know, choosing one scent can be hard – a little like a picking a favourite child. Nowadays the trend is having a fragrance collection filled with different scents for different moods. The task might sound a little discouraging most especially with a lack […]

Yes it’s time to fire up your arms, back, and shoulders. You must be thinking uh an upper-body workout for runners? I know, it sounds a bit pointless because running is a leg sport so training other muscles won’t do anything. However, that’s not the point, running is a full body activity so upper body […]

When you don’t sleep well you end up feeling so tired, irritated and not able to concentrate. It can start affecting your work/school performance, ruin relationships and also affect your health. Over 100 million people do not get enough sleep and many end up with sleep disorders. Sleep therapy is a type of therapy made […]

Our blood contains a type of sugar called glucose. This sugar has its main source known as starches which gives the body the energy it needs. Our bodies contain a hormone known as insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and its role is to regulate glucose in our blood so it does not exceed […]

Bipolar disorder involves having mood swings and repeated depression episodes. This order has affected up to 4million people. People with bipolar disorder have been observed to have a decrease in their brain activity. They usually have maniac episodes. Schizophrenia is a severe, chronic mental illness that comprises of psychotic symptoms. This means the persons imagination […]