10 Signs You Might Be Depressed

10 Signs You Might Be Depressed

Depression is not nice. Whether you’re in your quarter life crisis or your mid life crisis, depression is bound to hit you at some point. You’re bound to feel some sadness in your time on earth. Sometimes people don’t even know they’re going through depression. In fact, they may mistake their “Stress” as just work related stress or something else. Not even aware that they may have symptoms of depression. If anything here is 10 depression related symptoms:


Here a person may feel a constant never changing mood of nothingness. That is, to feel uninterested in anything. Usually a person may change from mood to mood on a day to day basis. With this feeling, a person may encounter a lack of enjoyment in any activity intended to change their mood. So basically, you’re going around in a circle of boredom amongst yourself, always finding it difficult to become satisfied with anything you do. Your mood among your peers always seems to be lacking in terms of energy, conversation and effort. When you’re on your own, you always feel distant and sad. This sadness doesn’t ever seem to want to go away and you end up becoming accustomed to it, making anything else strange. It’s a feeling of anxiousness. 


You always feel negative, bad and slightly arrogant with everything. Basically, your depression is making you feel a little cold hearted towards things and people. You end up becoming naturally unaware of the way you talk to people. You may become a little rude or fast based. This is because you may have trouble listening to people or letting them finish what they may have to say. You feel hopeless in everything, you tend to give up quicker on tasks, you put yourself in a dark corner. You don’t want to come out of it, even when there is a light on the other side. A sense of lost trust of everything hits you and you become cautious about who to trust sometimes. You speak and may respond in ways that are counterproductive. Basically, you combat a solution to a problem with another problem or excuse. 


This symptom may be controversial, as studies have shown that sometimes a feeling of guilt is derived from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders). This is another illness of its own character. However, even symptoms of guilt in a person may be a part of depression, due to a high level of anxiety that a person feels from being unworthy. They may encounter severe feelings of worthlessness and overcome with a cloud of sadness that they can’t help themselves get through their guilt. They may feel ashamed and upset about something in their life that disturbs them, constantly blaming themselves. You may also encounter a deep regret and sorrow and find yourself emotional all the time. You will criticize yourself more than ever, always judging yourself negatively, defining yourself as a bad person or criminal. You may isolate yourself from people so you can be alone with your thoughts. 

Loss of interest

You may find yourself in day to day activities, losing interest. You may do something without any effort, or commit to these activities in a state of sluggishness or laziness. Also you may find things you used to enjoy much boring. Because you lack the feeling of the pleasure you used to have doing them. 


Everything essentially becomes slowed down for you. You may feel a serious loss of energy, tiredness or aches. You develop decreased energy levels and never find the energy you need to do something. For example, an activity or even your basic day to day routine. You may start to sleep more as a result of that, more hours than usual. You may break your habits in life and begin to slack in things like brushing your teeth, or taking the dog for a walk, simply because you always feel too tired to do so. Even eating sometimes may be a burden for you, skipping meals and sleeping instead. Going to work may be hard or accomplishing tasks. You seem to be constantly feeling fatigue. 

Poor concentration

You end up feeling intensely unfocused in life, making poor decisions, struggling to remember things and forgetting a lot more than necessary. You think so much that you overshadow important things in your life such as assignments or responsibilities you have to carry. You may begin to forget routine things, and struggle with making any correct decisions. Also you begin to lack in remembrance of what kind of a person you are, thus may make a lot of bad decisions in your life that only add to the stress. You have a very hard time concentrating; from conversations with people, to reading a book, work related tasks, even with yourself or any form of enjoyment. You may find yourself lost in another world, unable to focus on the task or activity at hand.  


Always feeling either sleepy or always feeling unable to sleep. Sometimes depression hits certain people differently, some people may sleep more hours than they are aware of in a 24 hour day. They may sleep early and wake up late the next day. You also encounter people with the complete opposite, sleeping very little hours and staying awake for a major part of a day, not able to sleep at night at all. This can occur more than once a week, insomnia, where you fail to sleep completely, damaging your health as the body needs rest. Sometimes people sleep and wake up very early in the morning, and they can stay like that for the rest of the entire day. 

No appetite

Just like sleep, some people fail to eat anything due to a constant occurring lack of appetite for food. In another relation, they eat more to help compensate for their feelings. A sense of carelessness that people may encounter with depression is either overeating or not eating at all. This is a symptom of depression and it’s not caused unless by a person’s inner suffering. 

Extreme thoughts

The train of negative thoughts that hit you may be so bad that you end up thinking about killing yourself or feeling so sad that you wish you were dead. Losing a clear picture of the gift of life and giving up entirely on you. In some very serious cases, there have been people who have attempted to kill themselves from the depression they encounter. This needs immediate therapy if these thoughts are occurring more than once, or spiritual support. 


You may become irritated with everything, leading to arrogance or rudeness, not specifically only with people but also with your own self, or things. You could become irritated just on your own when you’re thinking, upset or annoyed with your thoughts. You find a lot of restlessness in everything you do, even when it’s something you usually enjoy, you find a lack of enjoyment in it compared to the past, in fact, you just become irritated from it.

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