7 Honey Beauty Hacks

7 Honey Beauty Hacks

Indeed, honey is magical. It can’t possibly be just for eating or kept at the back of your kitchen counter. With its everlasting source of antibacterial, antiseptic, demulcent, humectant and antioxidant properties, honey has many more uses and beauty hacks. Bees make this sticky and sweet liquid from flowers by using their nectar and store it in their hives. It contains 70 – 80 % of sugar and that’s where it gets its pleasantness from. Interesting enough used broadly as home therapy, honey has a lot more benefits for your skin, hair etc.

Acne and spot cure

Honey having natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties is the secret to glowing skin. Consistency is important when trying to cure acne, not using one thing then the other. The end result could be terrible and make it worse so be consistent. Honey can be used as a disinfectant, specifically if you have skin conditions such as eczema. Your skin will get healed, could take up to 7 days or longer so patience is required.


What could possibly be sweeter than honey? Perfect skin.  Honey is used in many lotions with extra chemicals but natural is the better solution. Honey can instantly nourish and smoothen your skin. It initiates a hydrating result creating the perfect natural potent moisturizer for your skin. It is the best to hydrate your skin without feeling oily. Since honey is very sticky you should mix it with some olive oil to get it moisturized effectively.

Cold and cough relief

Honey is a natural home remedy for colds and cough. It can calm a sore throat, cold or cough almost immediately. A study done in 2010 experimented the effects of honey being used along with dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine (cough medicine), proving that honey is a greater cough relief compared to both medicines. Honey acts as a demulcent- this is a substance that gets rids of irritation and inflammation. Use about 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey, either with lemon or alone. (However note that honey isn’t advised for children under a year old for it can cause botulism -food poisoning)

Substitute for sugar

Honey being all natural making it the perfect and healthy substitute for sugar.  Coffee, tea, food etc. taste the same with either honey or sugar. The only difference is that honey is healthier and will definitely benefit your body and your skin positively. Start now and see the long-term transformation.

Cleaning injuries

With antiseptic and antibacterial properties honey, supports in curing wounds faster. Naturally with an osmotic effect and sugar in the honey, it is able to remove water out of dented tissues. It has been used as a cure for burns, wounds and other infections. The wound heals due to the antibacterial properties that help the skin grow fresh tissue.

Hair mask

Honey has both humectant and soothing properties therefore can moisturize hair seamlessly. Emollients allow the hair to be smooth and increases shine to gloomy hair. Honey aids to repair your hair’s natural sheen, restrict hair fall and hair loss. Containing vitamins and minerals, putting honey in your hair weekly can keep it conditioned, strong, healthy, reduces breakage and helps it grow longer. Being a rich antioxidant, honey keeps your hair and scalp healthy and evades damage.

Lip balm

Honey is used in several lip balms and body lotions. You don’t have to spend lots of money on buying commercial products when you can get the same results at home. Natural honey can be used to soothe dry lips. Dab a little bit of honey on your dried or peeling lips for instant relief.

From the information above, you now know how to use honey to benefit you and your family. Get a bottle of honey today and enjoy the advantages it comes with .However be careful on using honey anywhere if you are allergic to pollen, bee venom or celery. You should first take a small amount and test it on your skin to see if you could be allergic before tossing it all over your face, hair etc. For as long as you are sure you are not allergic to honey, it won’t hurt to try it.

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