7 Ways To Boost & Extend Battery Life

7 Ways To Boost & Extend Battery Life

Do you charge your phone every night before bed and still can’t keep your battery running till the end of the next day? Do you keep postponing and putting off important work because you’re always running out of charge? We bring you simple but essential tips that you can use to make your battery last longer – bear in mind the battery saving feature alone won’t do much good.

Now in 2020, it can be very hard for your battery to last more than 24 hours without being charged. This happens because of the current culture we have of using phones a lot. Unfortunately now a days it is unlikely to get a smart phone with a battery that can work for several days. This is because of large screens with bright lights, the development of WI-FI and Bluetooth technology, as well as third and fourth generation networks, and many more amazing services we get from smartphones.

We have realized that these services affect our battery life and drain it quickly. Some people have then resorted to using portable chargers/power banks. They are used to charge phones when not at home.

I am not suggesting you use your phone less but instead I’ll give you some tips on how you can extend your battery life so it can last longer. Below are 7 ways to boost your phones battery life:

Decrease screen brightness

Everyone loves a bright screen but that is your worst enemy when trying topreserve your battery life. The brightness consumes the battery very fast and most phones have automatic brightness feature. What this mode does is it automatically adjusts the brightness to match the lighting levels.

Less energy is used instead of constantly using your phone with full brightness. You will get better results by using your phone at the lowest brightness possible. If you follow this advice permanently we guarantee your battery life will increase.

Change the automatic screen lock timeout:

Set the automatic screen lock timeout to the shortest period. Go to the screen settings on your phone and click screen lock timeout. Change it for a shorter period (terminology may vary depending on the phone). For androids the shortest period is 15 seconds and for iPhones it is 1 minute.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services when not needed

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are among the things that drain the battery of your phone the most. Some people use Wi-Fi instead of the 3G OR 4G network to the internet. However, to maintain a longer battery life you should switch it off when not using it. The same goes for the Bluetooth – when you’re done using it switch it off and back on when you need it.

Don’t leave apps running in the background

Multitasking and being able to run more than one app is one most important features of the phone. However, it is also one of the things that greatly consumes your battery. This is because each app you run uses your phones processor.

Some apps take up a lot your battery than others. For example – Facebook confirmed that the app may be one of the massive cause of battery drainages on phones and are working to fix this. 

By closing all the apps that are not in use, you can reduce power consumption and the burden on your phones CPU.

Both Android and iOS phones now have a battery menu, which enables you to know in detail the size of each application’s battery consumption. Through this menu, you can find out which apps are draining the largest amount of battery Therefore, you can uninstall them or remember to close them when not in use.

Do not use the vibrating alert system

Many prefer using the vibration mode for incoming calls and texts. I mean it is understandable why everyone does that. But you must know that it consumes more battery and much faster. Cancelling the vibration system is very useful for your battery.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

Almost all apps search for updates, messages, news and more information according to the app. When the app finds something new it sends you notifications which in turn causes the screen to light up. You might not be able to turn off text messages or missed call notifications but for apps you can. This will help your battery life last longer so remember to do it.

Use of energy saving methods

Smartphone manufacturers provide energy saving services. However, this can only be found on android phones. iOS phones do not have this energy saving system.

When you enable the battery saving mode, you are reducing the power consumption on your phone. This mode enables apps from updating and being used in the background. It also turns on automatically when the battery level drops to 20%. However, you can adjust the settings for this mode to start when the battery reaches 30% instead of 20%. The sooner you switch the phone to power saving mode, the longer the battery continues to work with you.

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