Caring For Your Natural 4C Hair

Caring For Your Natural 4C Hair

Shrinkage for kinky hair is very real. Usually 4C hair isn’t easy to handle but with the right methods we will help you embrace your natural curls. Below are 20 ways on how you can have beautiful natural hair.

Have a wash day routine

The best thing about having natural hair is that you don’t have to wash it regularly compared to other hair types. However, every week or every two weeks you should wash it to avoid dryness. For your wash day routine use a moisturizing conditioner and shampoo to maintain your curls.

When washing your hair keep in mind not to use hot water but warm or cold water. This is because it strips away moisture from it.

Keep hair moisturized and hydrated

Another of your afros favorite is moisture. Kinky hair dries out quickly so to prevent that you should moisturize and hydrate as often as you can.

Water is your hairs best friend

When it comes to your fro water is a necessity. One of the keys to achieving healthy hair is water. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water daily, as well as applying it to your hair constantly.

The best ways to use water in your hair is when detangling. If you detangle without water you might end up with a headache or even worse hair breakage. You can also use water in a spray bottle – you can randomly just spray it.

Sulfate free shampoo

Many shampoos have chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate etc. They cause dryness to your hair. You can add Shea butter and apple cider vinegar to your shampoo to strengthen it. An alternative for a sulfate free shampoo is black soap.

Use protective styles

Just from the name of it you can already tell these are good for your hair. Protective styles prevent your hair from breakage and damage.

Oil your scalp often

Natural hair needs a lot of oils. Oils are a very important part of your everyday routine. Oils can be used to moisturize and keep your hair healthy. You need oils that absorb and hydrate the hair well. Some of the best are castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

Sleep with a satin bonnet

A satin bonnet is very important. It protects your hair from being tangled while you’re asleep. Therefore, you should not go to bed without a satin scarf on. Sleeping on cotton will dry and damage your hair because of the friction.

Avoid heat as much as possible

Our afros are very fragile unlike other hair types. Using heat on natural hair involves a lot hair pulling and styling so should be avoided. The best option could be air drying. This protects your hair from hair damage and breakage. Also on top of that never dry your hair using a towel. This will roughen your hair cuticle. Squeeze your hair dry with an old t shirt.

Let your hair breathe

With the rave going on of hiding your hair under the wig, in braids Bantu etc. Don’t forget to let it breathe. Every time you take out your hair you should deep condition and seal your hair. Put your hair in high puffs sometimes and let it breathe.

Deep condition

It’s important that you try to deep condition your hair at least every two weeks. Adding a deep conditioner to your hair routine will give your hair a good moisture protein balance. Deep conditioning your hair will make it healthier, softer, and less damaged.

Braid your hair before bed

Never go to bed without braiding your hair. Braiding before sleeping helps to seal in moisture throughout the night. With braids, your hair will be held closely together and keeping them from coming loose and rubbing against the pillow. Braiding before bed should be a part of your night routine.

Trim hair regularly

A bad habit many have is allowing hair to grow with all its split ends. Split ends damage hair and if left unattended to will continue splitting and cause damage. Every couple of weeks you should check your hair for split ends and trim them.

Sleep regularly

However shocking this may be the best way to have healthier hair is to get a lot of hours of sleep. Your body heals its tissues while you rest, so ensure that you get lots of sleep daily. People who suffer from sleep deficiency experience hair loss because the hair and follicle become weaker and weaker because of physical stress.

Cover hair during harsh weather

Weather can wear out afro hair, especially when there’s a lot of direct exposure to wind whips, heat, or rain. These weather conditions remove moisture so making your hair frizzy and incontrollable. Pack a protective coat for your hair such as a head wrap.

Use wide tooth comb

Natural hair can form into knots and tangles making it hard to comb. To reduce the risk of hair damage and breakage, it is recommended that you use combs that have wider and softer teeth. Wide-tooth combs have enough space so you can comb your hair without tearing up the ends. They make detangling hair less damaging.

Your scalp gets itchy because of product built-up. You need to keep it clean and healthy by cleansing it. Hair growth starts in the follicle – new hairs grows from these small pores. If the pores are blocked, it’s hard for hair to grow.

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