Choosing Suitable Foundation

Choosing Suitable Foundation

Sometimes when we use foundation cream on our skin, we see that no change has occurred to it. Rather we see it looking dull, and with an uncomfortable greasy texture. This is usually due to the use of the wrong type of foundation. Basically you are using foundation that isn’t suitable for your skin. Foundation cream works to cover the skin, hide its imperfections, and protect it from external pollutants.

We all have different types of skin and also different colors. When choosing foundation one should take into account the type of foundation it is and if it’s suitable for their skin.

Foundation is used on the skin as a layer for makeup. A thin layer of foundation applied to the skin protects it from dust damages, smoke damages and gives the skin a glowing look. Good quality foundation cream is prepared by adding some soothing ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, moisturizers, sun protection and anti-wrinkle materials.

Choosing skin-friendly foundation

It is very important to know your skin type so that you know which foundation is suitable for it. When you know your skin type, you will be able to protect it from the damage it may inflict. For example, when you know that your skin is sensitive to the rays of the sun and is badly damaged by it, then you will choose foundation that contains high protection from the sun’s rays. Below are the types of skin that most people have, and in contrast the type of foundation cream suitable for each:

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you need a foundation cream with a greasy texture. This is because it nourishes the pores, flattens them easily and resists the appearance of wrinkles.

Oily skin

Oily skin needs a water-based foundation. Stay away from oily foundations that increase oily skin problems, also staying away from glossy materials, because oily skin secretion increases luster.

Normal skin

With this skin type you can use all types of foundations. Also two types of foundations can be combined in two different shades. For example a dark and light foundation can be mixed to contour the face and define facial features through it.

Mixed skin

This type of skin is suitable for combining two types of foundations based on the type of skin. For example if the mixed skin has both dry and oily skin then each type of skin must be treated according to its nature. You use one type on the oily areas, and the base cream for dry areas.

General tips

You must use a foundation suitable for the color of the skin. This is because light foundation gives the skin pallor and making imperfections visible. Then the dark one makes it look older, so it is better to use a mixture of the appropriate base color. A mixture of both the dark and light together should create a balance and make the skin look natural.

You should not test the foundation on the hands to find out its tone when buying it, but rather try it on the face to make sure it is suitable for it. Use a moisturizing cream or sunscreen and wait for it to absorb into the skin, and then apply the foundation cream.

Distribute the foundation on the face and neck when applying makeup so that there is no different color. It is preferable to use a sponge to distribute the foundation cream. Don’t forget to wet it before starting to distribute the foundation cream to facilitate its distribution.

Take into account the tones of the foundation when buying it. Check your skin color and match it with the correct foundation color to look gorgeous and flawless.

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