Get Rid Of Toxic Substances In The Body

Get Rid Of Toxic Substances In The Body

We all know that a person is exposed during his life to many things that cause a state of accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore this accumulation leads to the stability of these toxins in the body, as they are transmitted to all parts of the body through the blood. This calls for a state of anxiety because these toxins may be dangerous to humans and cause many harmful diseases.

What is poisoning?

This is the arrival of any toxic and unwanted substances into the body. These substances could be either solid or liquid, but have major negative effects on the body. These toxic substances are at times instant and can cause a state of suffocation.

When you have been intoxicated its results could appear right after entering the body or after some time. Both cases are serious though, just because the symptoms might not be showing it doesn’t mean it should be neglected.

Most importantly children get the most cases of poisoning. As the mother is occupied children might wander off and end up playing with toxic substances. They play with substances such as household cleaning materials by inhaling or drinking them. In such a case, the Childs’ parent could give him/her boiled milk then be taken to the hospital right away. However just because you give the child it doesn’t mean they don’t need to go to the hospital. The milk is first aid to help kill the germs in the meantime.

How do we get intoxicated?

Not only can toxins enter our bodies through drinking substances but they’re many more ways in which this can happen. Many people do not know this but we can also get intoxicated through:


Smoking causes a nicotine build-up in the body. Nicotine being one of the toxic substances that can remain in the body for a long period of time. It is very easy to absorb however hard to get rid of easily. Since nicotine is hard to get rid of easily it leads to the survival of toxins and their accumulation in the stomach and brain.

Smokers are vulnerable and prone to diseases because they have toxins in their body. Their bodies containing nicotine helps viruses and bacteria act up better inside the body.


Toxins can enter the lungs through inhaling polluted air caused by a toxic or hazardous substance. This type of poisoning happens regularly among chemists for they are exposed to inhaling many foreign gases which may be toxic. It was found out that many strange and rare diseases affect these chemists and were able to create an air conditioner. This air conditioner is a new technology made to purify the air from germs and microbes . Moreover special masks have been made too to prevent toxins from entering the body.


The skin is a passage way for the entry of so many toxic substances going into our bodies. This includes things like a snake bite or poisonous insect. Swimming in unclean lakes can cause a state of poisoning in the human body. This is the most dangerous type of poisoning for it damages the external appearance of the skin, deformities and internal poisoning.

Unhealthy food

They’re some foods that expose us to a great amount of toxic substances in our body. The most toxic food being fast food that is fried using oil that most restaurants barely change. Fast food is full of additives, dyes and toxins that are a danger to our bodies if it built-up.

Get rid of toxins lingering in the body

We probably all have toxins present in our bodies, for we are exposed to polluted air every day as we leave our houses or share the same space with smokers. So all humans carry toxins in their bodies no matter what we do. However, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to get rid of them.    

Unwanted toxins in the body cause fatigue, headaches and pain so we should remove them or at least reduce them. They can be removed by two methods:

  1. Scientists and doctors call the liver “the house of cleaning”, for it cleans the inside of the body. The liver removes toxins in the body most especially sweat and urine. The liver does this all on its own. It is a complex process and we have absolutely nothing to do with this. The liver stimulates and secretes the hormones needed to get rid of all these toxins in our bodies.
  2. We can also get rid of toxins in our bodies by making a healthy diet. This diet will assist the liver in getting rid of all the built-up toxins. A healthy diet should include vegetables and fruits, as they are rich in vitamins that increase our immunity. You can also make detox drinks like lemon, ginger, green tea etc. In that case to also protect you from other toxins stay away from additives, fast food, smoking and smokers.

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