Guide To Grow Plants From Seeds

Guide To Grow Plants From Seeds

So, you want to grow plants? – But the thought of having to use transplants is way too much work and expensive. Guess what you can use? You can most definitely use seeds, planting from seeds isn’t as hard as you would think it is. For seeds to germinate well, they need heat, water and oxygen. From seeds you can grow flowers, fruits, vegetables tress etc. In these simple steps you’ll be able to grow plants from seeds.

Choose a container, tray or pot.

When choosing the container for the new seeds, it should be clean and have about 3 inches of drainage holes. The container can be trays, pots, eggshells and yoghurt cups. If you choose to start your seeds in small containers, note that you will have to transplant them into bigger pots once they start growing leaves. Place the seedlings on a window sill or in a place where they will get sun.

Use quality soil

Do not use garden soil because it’s way too heavy. You will need soft quality soil – so what you’re going to have to do is to wet the soil with some warm water to make it grow well. Soil germinate faster in warm temperatures so they need to be around 25˚C.

Prepare your beds and pots

Prepare your garden beds and pots with a spade. Make sure the soil is smooth, you can use a rake to do this. If you’re transplanting the plant from a container to a garden, plant them at the same level they were in.

Pay attention to plant size

When planting your seeds, pay very close attention to the size of the plant, maybe it’s going to grow into a very big tree. This means it needs enough space to grow and sprout well.

Water wisely

When watering the seedlings, use room temperature and distilled water. If you want to use chlorinated water, let it sit overnight or for a few hours before using it. Do not over water the seedlings because this will bring about diseases.

If it has rained, there is no need for you to water them. Put your thumb in the soil, if the soil is dry it needs water.


Seedlings need to be fed, as soon as they start growing leaves – do start fertilizing them. Apply a half strength fertilizer weekly and then in about a month start applying full strength fertilizer until time for transplanting.

Seeds need light

The seeds need to be able to get enough light. If they don’t get enough light they will be lifeless and will not be able to survive outdoors once transplanted. Seedlings need approximately 14- 16 hours of direct light. If they aren’t able to get this light, artificial light can be provided.

Circulate the air

In order for seedlings to grow well and healthy, they should have air circulating around them. Air prevents diseases and unhealthy growth, if there isn’t enough air, a fan can be used but put slightly away not directly.

Hardening- off seeds before being taken outdoors

Seedlings need to be able to adjust to harsher surroundings. A week before you take your seedlings outside, stop fertilizing and watering them. Protect your seedlings from too much sun and wind, you can put a shade over them.

You probably didn’t know it was this simple to plant your own seeds. Follow these simple steps to grow healthy and strong plants from seeds. Your plants are going to need a lot love, care and attention – so give them all that and watch how they will sprout astonishingly!

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