Help Yourself Face Failure And Overcome Difficulties: Learn From The Mentality Of Successful People

Help Yourself Face Failure And Overcome Difficulties: Learn From The Mentality Of Successful People

The ability to deal with crisis and setbacks is the key to helping you be more resilient and ultimately succeed. We are probably not born with such ability. So, where does one get it? Let’s look into it. You’ll get useful tips on how to help yourself face failure and overcome difficulties. Through learning from the mentality of successful people.

We’ll start by taking, for example, Maria Konikova who was able to paraphrase setbacks; which she considered the most important lesson learned on her two-year journey to becoming a professional poker player.

Konikova has a secret weapon!

She said that life during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic requires more than the possession of a set of skills and traits that you currently rely on to help you in your work or your professional and personal life.

‘‘During this unexpected and sudden crisis, the words you say and the stories you tell yourself are more important than ever.’’ She added.

Can you learn a thing from this point? Absolutely.

Have a successful mentality

True, a negative mindset and thinking pessimistic will drive you towards failure. If you tell yourself that you are not able to control your destiny you will lose your future, regardless of how much effort you put into reaching what you aspire to or dream of.

Successful people focus on the process and not the outcome. They try to make good decisions, and they trust that their failure does not mean that they do not have what it takes to succeed. They know that if they continue to make good decisions they will overcome all difficulties and setbacks and achieve success.

Well, economic conditions are never predictable. So, it always messes with our mentality and for entrepreneurs and investors, the case is even severe.  It is very easy to indulge in what could or should have been if not this pandemic that has severely damaged economic conditions around the world.

Instead of feeling hopeless and failing, you should ask yourself a series of questions, including: Have I made the right decisions? Do I acquire and enhance the skills that will help me move to a better level in my career? Am I looking for an opportunity in the midst of a crisis?

The words you use while framing a problem or dealing with a crisis will change your current situation, improve your mood, and allow your mind to remain open to new possibilities while others see so many barriers.

The better choice of words, the better your mood and thus your spirits will rise. And the results? You will become a more attractive person – attracting to your life people who help you, support you and take your hand to lead you to the beginning of new paths.

Change the meaning of the event

There is a whole body of psychological research known as “cognitive reappraisal”, which is simply about framing a positive situation around a negative situation by changing the meaning of an event with the words it uses.

A study conducted at Columbia University that examined brains found that our inner mentality causes physical changes in our brain. During this study, it was found that the amygdala -the region associated with fear and anxiety, experienced a decrease in activity when participants were asked to reassess a negative situation and deal with it in a positive way.

A lot more other studies discovered that this mentality helps athletes and turns them into champions. For example, a basketball player, Kobe Bryant said that on one occasion, that failure does not exist. Also Michael Jordan said that he was unable to make thousands of shots in his career. However, these setbacks did not prevent them and other great people from achieving success. Nor did they stop them from trying more than once.

Also, philosopher and psychologist William James once said “the greatest discovery my generation has made is that man is able to change his life by changing his attitudes about certain things.”

The takeaway? Change your attitude and tell yourself a more powerful story, be brave, and rest assured that your life will completely change, and get a lot better.

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