How To Deal With a Teenager

How To Deal With a Teenager

Dealing with a teenager can be stressful, hurtful and at times worrying. Most of the time there is nothing really serious going on except for the mere fact that they’re becoming adults. Many of the problems parents find puzzling are just a normal part of puberty and growing up that everyone goes through.

The teenage years are a confusing period of time for your child. This is because they are going through body changes, having peer pressure from friends, trying to find an identity and getting to a sense of independence.

Balance between discipline and freedom

Some parents feel like at times they can lose control over their teenager’s behaviour. They sometimes cross the limits and parents don’t know what to do about it. Some completely avoid having a disagreement with their child, for the fear of hurting them. Therefore, there should be a balance between discipline and freedom.

You as a parent should not exceed on over disciplining your child and being too strict. If this is done, you end up pushing your child to exceed his limits and do things he/she didn’t even want to do. A child living in a very strict environment does not have the opportunity to develop his problem solving skills, for they don’t take decisions for themselves.

Teach him to take responsibility

Children should learn to take responsibilities from their surroundings. Their main source for learning is their parents and the circumstances they are going through. Basically, the way you as a parent solve problems and take responsibility for things you have done, is the exact same way they do so.

Sons tend to imitate their dads in ways of responsibility, and can be taught responsibility without being exposed to harsh conditions. After the age of 13, the circumstances and things they go through become their source of learning.

Talk to him and answer his questions

An adolescent child has so many questions and as a parent you should be able to talk and answer him. They have many different questions ranging from matters of life to body changes. For instance; you must talk to them about menstruation, wet dreams, the difference between girls’ and boys’ bodies etc.

Respect his privacy

Some parents do not respect their child privacy. You find the parents always interfering in their teenager’s privacy, everything they are doing and all the matter of his life.

Give your child some space and give him privacy. For example; Things like messages, phone calls, e-mail, and bedroom must be private. You shouldn’t expect him to share everything with you, and this helps him become a responsible adult. Despite all this, as a parent if you notice a problem or something is wrong, you should intervene but not going into too many details.

Check what he watches and reads

Teenagers get a lot of different information from television programs, books, magazines and internet. Parents should have more knowledge on this and set limits on things.

Ongoing support

Parents should always support their teenager and be by their side through everything. Your child is going through things that are constantly making them feel scared. He/she is facing new feelings as well as responsibilities ad needs someone always standing next to him. Your child will need you to listen to him when he is ready to talk. Parents need to be understanding and not interrupt their child when they are expressing themselves. You should be open minded and support your teenage child. Studies have shown that teenagers that have approval and support from their parents have the highest percentage of self-esteem.


Patience is key when dealing with a teenager. Your child needs time to find the right balance of his behavior and independence. Even if he/she shows bad behavior sometimes, he will eventually return to his nature. In this case, you should forgive and forget mistakes then move forward.

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