How To Lose Weight In Just 4 Weeks

How To Lose Weight In Just 4 Weeks

Do you feel like you’re getting bigger by the day? Is your stomach making you feel too uncomfortable to dress up? Don’t you worry because a solution is here for you? Below you will find ways on how to lose weight in just 4 weeks and reduce overall body fat.

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Fasting is where a person will restrict themselves from any food intake for a certain amount of time. It is commonly used for religious purposes in Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern or diet which will alternate between eating hours and fasting hours. This activity is only to be done by people with excess body fat and not underweight individuals.

The body, if not given any food for a certain amount of time, will burn the fat already stored which will help you shed a few pounds. During the fasting hours, one is allowed to drink water, coffee or any other zero-calorie intakes. When done right, IF has several health benefits including weight loss, lowered sugar levels, improved mental health etc. 

The most common form of IF would be the 16/8. This is when one will fast every day for 16 hours and eat for the next 8. This however, does not mean eating junk food during the eating window. It is advised to stick to healthy foods only. IF is really not as harsh as it seems. It can be as easy as skipping breakfast and eating from 12pm to 8pm and nothing else after that. Between 8pm and 12noon the next day, one would have fasted for 16 hours.

Another form of IF which seems to be quite extreme to some would be the alternate-day fasting where one would fast for a whole 24 hours and eat for the next 24 hours. This should not to be done by people with health issues unless the diet has been confirmed by the doctor and during the eating window, one should try to eat as healthy as possible.

One Meal a day (OMAD)

OMAD is also a form of fasting which allows the individual to only eat once a day and fast for 23 hours. The diet does not specify what time you should eat just that the 1 hour window should not be exceeded. OMAD has proven to be very successful because during the 23 hours of no calorie intake, the body is burning fat at a fast rate.

In order to fully maximize the OMAD eating pattern, a Keto diet is recommended. A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet which involves reducing or completely removing carbohydrates from your diet and replacing it with fat. This activity means that when the body has no more glucose, it will turn to burning only fat, leading to excess weight loss. On this diet, one should avoid all sugary foods, all fruits, rice, potatoes, alcohol etc. and instead focus on eating any type of meat, eggs, cheese, avocadoes, veggies etc.


I know this word to most of us is daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Working out does not mean living at the gym, it simply means taking a few hours out of your day to break a sweat. One should exercise at least 4 days a week. And if the treadmill is not your happy place or are not comfortable with the gym, you can work out at home and still gain the same benefits. Jump rope is a solution that will give you tremendous results in a month. Not only do you burn calories but this exercise also tones your whole body including arms, legs and shoulders. Keeping your heart rate high greatly contributes to weight loss.

Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated

This may seem like an obvious point but many people tend to ignore it. The amount of sleep you get will determine the amount of weight lost. This also means that both not sleeping enough and over sleeping could lead to weight gain. Because it slows down the brain which will make you feel really tired and lazy as you wake up. This in turn could lead to an increase in appetite and relying on big portions to get through the day. However, sleeping an average of 8 hours could contribute to weight loss.

Hydration will definitely aid in weight loss as the water consumed will act as a cleanser to flush the waste out. Drinking enough water daily will help to control your appetite. And also make you feel fuller for longer which will reduce the amount of food intake per day.

All the methods mentioned above will give you miraculous results in only 4 weeks but in order to get better results try combining them and watch that weight shed right in front of your eyes. Are you ready for your body to look better and feel healthier? Try it today!

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