How To Make Your Child Love You

How To Make Your Child Love You

Does it feel like your child doesn’t love you as much as you would like him/her to? -I feel you. You love your child and you want to make him/her love you as much as you do. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make your child love you.

Honestly, a child’s love doesn’t spring out of anywhere.  But worry less. You have got to the right spot-this article is going to help you. If you try out the following simple but practical tricks to strengthen and sweeten your ‘’you-child-relationship’’, your child will absolutely love you to the extent you see the spark of love in their eyes!-Literally. Don’t just take my word for it-Try this and you will see the difference yourself! 

Laugh at their jokes

When your kid says or does something funny do let out a good chuckle! In this way, you will be showing him that you value his effort to make you happy. Is there a more beautiful thing than your kid’s giggle? I bet N-O-N-E. But little did you know that your kid loves the sound of your laugh just as much. Yes, he does. So, whenever your child cracks a joke, reward his efforts laughing. As a result, you encourage him to continue but most importantly the more you laugh together the tougher your connection gets. Spot-on, your kid’s love will blossom.

Respect them

It’s a common practice to associate the word respect with older people only.  Truth is, just like adults, children need respect too. Everyone knows that respect is associated with listening and valuing one’s thoughts.  Well, kids are very smart too -if you listen to them and engage in the conversation wholeheartedly they will know and they will feel loved and valued hence love you back.

Be funny

Create fun memories with your kid. Do fun things with him. Invest in doing and saying things they can find funny and giggle at. The logic behind:  when it comes to bonding and making friends, laughter is the best. Always have your kid laugh at your expense; he/she will love you.

Be patient

Kids with good manners are absolutely lovable. Yes, everyone, especially parents want kids to be well-behaved. However, you need to give your kids the margin of being kids. Trying to discipline them all the time or complaining about him being “too childish” and not acting as mature or grown-up as he should, won’t be a good path to take. Your child is just a child and he will absolutely love you if you show a bit patience and let him be a typical child for some hours a day.

Take them seriously

Sometimes, the things that your child loves and probably seem the whole world to him might be insignificant for you-crystal clear. But wait…what do you do in such cases? Ignore him and say that it’s nonsense? Well, I will give you a note for future reference: When your child tries to tell or want to show you something, take it very seriously- sometimes it’s good to pretend. By paying attention to his small opinions, interests, and trivial things, you will instantly win his love. Can one be more blessed?

Give small gifts

This is a great way to gain a kid’s favor. Kids get happy with little things, yes those small love signs. Though it might not be good, practical or even affordable to shower your child with expensive gifts every day, offering a favorite sweet won’t be too much to ask.  Those minor gifts will make you very likable and he/she will absolutely love you and that’s worth more than money in the bank.

Spend time with them

Sad but true. You can’t expect a good relationship with your child if you don’t spend time with him.  Find some focused time every day and use that attending only to your child. Your work, your house chore  and whatever you might be doing can wait, but the opportunity to make your child love you more needs to take precedence -I hope you understand.

Play with them

Playing with your child is like planting a seed for that warm love you crave. Seize the opportunity and play with them their favorite game or do something that they enjoy. You will be creating enjoyable souvenirs that will be remembered positively and make your child love you even more. 

Don’t break the promises

Breaking those little promises made to your child and without explanations. You often do this to your child -I know. If you think that he has forgotten all the promises you didn’t keep, then you are wrong-He/she will still remember for even years to come.. After all, the last thing you would like your child to take you for is “a liar”. That’s why you need to keep the promises you make to him. However, if life plans change unexpectedly, explain to him make your excuses. Your child doesn’t like disappointment, just like you don’t. If you make his life disappointment-free, you are giving him reasons to love you even more.

Encourage them

Criticizing and yelling have no connection with straightening up and growing right. Your kids need your encouragement not your criticism. They need you to see them as good people who are capable of great things. They need to know that you’re on their side. So, encourage them. Create a space for grace and say constructive things and give them a chance to feel good about themselves. You can guess what will happen…they will love you. 

Set clear boundaries

Your child needs instructions to be the best he can be and even important to be well-behaved. Keeping to your boundaries clear and consistent will save you and the child some sorts of headaches in the process. When setting boundaries you don’t need to be too soft but again it does not need to end with a yelling match. Reminders? Yes, keep your reminders firm yet gentle.

You love your child. But you need to put your love into action every day for him to feel it and then react back. Give these tips a try-Though you may need to be patient with not only your child but also yourself, you may be surprised by how effective they can be.  Maybe you will need to change some behaviors to make it work and that’s not easy.  It’s worth all the effort though. Just try it!

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