Irembo Services

Irembo Services

What is Irembo

Irembo is a Kinyarwanda word which means gateway or door. It literally represents access. The Irembo initiative by the Government of Rwanda, aims at turning Rwanda into a paperless and cashless society -The Rwanda we want. On the top of that it seeks to improve Government service delivery to the citizens as well as businesses by making them easier, faster and less costly to access.

Good enough for this digital era, Irembo online platform enables the access and provision of government services in Rwanda in a digital way and the journey is continuous -The future is absolutely digital.

This  web based application facilitates the citizen to submit the application and make the payment for various services. Wondering which services one can access through Irembo? Down here is the complete list.

Services provided through Irembo


In this category lies services at the family level such as marriage or singleness, birth or adoption, widow, and such.

I’ll help you by providing the list of all services in this category.

  • Certificate for Widow/Widower
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of Genocide Survivors
  • Certificate of Being Single
  • Child Recognition Record
  • Guardianship Record
  • Certificate of Succession
  • Certificate of Cohabitation
  • Birth Services – This may include birth certificates or birth records
  • Marriage Services
  • Death Services
  • Adoption Record

Identification Services

These are services in line with personal identification. They include:

  • Application for National ID Correction
  • Application for National ID
  • Registration in the National Population Registry
  • National ID Replacement
  • Certificate for Replacement of National Identification
  • Certificate of Full Identity
  • Change of name
  • Certificate of Nationality
  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Certificate of Being Alive

Immigration and Emigration Services

These includes:

  • Pay for transfer/transcription fees
  • Penalty Payments
  • Registration for Citizenship
  • CEPGL Travel Document


These are travel permits or residence permits for foreigners. The services provided under this section are:

  • Foreigner ID Card
  • Foreigner Travel Document
  • e-Passport Application
  • Laissez-passer
  • Visa application

Land Services

These services concern the registration of land and the alike. They include

  • Sporadic Registration
  • E-payment Services
  • Authentication of Loan Agreement
  • Change of Land Use
  • Title Details Update
  • Document Replacement
  • Title Transfer
  • Land Merging
  • Subdivision


The services under this category are:

  • Duplicate of Driving License
  • Traffic Fines
  • Replacement of Definitive Driving License
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection
  • Driving License Exam Results
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Application for Driving License
  • Registration for Driving Test

Notarisation and Gazette Services

  • Publish in the Official Gazette
  • Subscribe for the Official Gazette
  • Purchase for an Official Gazette
  • Notary services

Health Services

  • COVID-19 Test
  • Yellow fever vaccination
  • Community Based Health Insurance(Mutuelle)


  • NGO Registration
  • Application For NGO Legal Personality
  • Registration and Issuance of Legal Personality to FBOs

Education Services

  • Application for Equating Foreign Qualifications
  • Application for Equating Foreign Qualifications – General Education

Rwanda Museums

  • Schedule a Visit
  • Re-schedule a Visit

Transport Services

  • Transport Authorization
  • Transport License

Criminal Record

  • Criminal Record Certificate

Media Services

  • Accreditation for Foreign Media

Now let’s say you need one or more of these services. What will you do?…Don’t give it much thought, I’ll make it easier for you.

Yes, here is the process.

How to request Irembo Service

To submit your application you have to register yourself in Irembo first. In case you wouldn’t like this, there is an alternative. Irembo agents are available all around Rwanda. You can go to the nearest agent and submit your application there – The agent will do it for you, actually.

To apply for the service:

– After the application form is rendered and  displayed in the website, Fill all the required fields.

– Upload the required attachments.

– Proceed to payment and follow instructions provided on the screen.

– Once your payment is successful,  you will receive a notification either on mobile number or email.

– After that, the submitted application will be processed at the respective agency.

– Irembo will notify you of the  status of your application.

Irembo  assistance

At times, you may need assistance or clarifications. Who would you turn to?

Well, you can contact Irembo call center at 9099 or send an email to Irembo call center  at

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