Productivity Rules According To Elon Musk – All Leaders And Employees Should Follow Quickly

Productivity Rules According To Elon Musk – All Leaders And Employees Should Follow Quickly

Regardless of how much you love or hate him, we must admit that Elon Musk has been living a full and fruitful year. Tesla’s shares are currently trading at more than $ 1,400 per share, which means that it has achieved an increase of $ 360 per share in comparison to last March. Given the current market value of the company, it has become the most valuable carmaker in the world, overtaking Toyota – Although Toyota sold more than 10 million cars in 2019, while Tesla sold only 368,000. Let’s discuss the productivity rules according to Elon Musk – all leaders and employees should follow quickly

It’s clear that many investors believe in the future of Tesla and Musk’s ability to run the company, regardless of his sometimes unconventional style. 

Elon Musk’s management strategy emphasized that sometimes traditional practices do not help achieve success. In an email he sent to all Tesla employees, Musk provided a set of recommendations on productivity, which all company leaders and employees can benefit from.

Let’s dig into those lucid recommendations.

Stop having big meetings

Musk said that big meetings are the scourge of big companies, and things get more complicated over time.

During the next meeting you attend, be brief and think about how much time each of the people in the meeting is wasting, don’t waste their time, and quickly say what you have to say. Remember that any meeting that does not help generate profits and increase returns would be a bad decision and a waste of your company’s money and time.

Stop having frequent meetings

Musk called for getting rid of repetitive meetings, unless you are dealing with a serious issue or urgent problem. He also emphasised that you should stop holding repeated meetings if the problem ends.

It’s okay to abandon the agendas and exclude words such as “information”, “summary”, “review’’ or “discussion”. In fact the main objective of holding meetings is to make a decision.

Feel free to leave the meeting

Leave the meeting or withdraw from the call, once you are sure it is not adding value to you. 

Musk said: “Leaving meetings or ending calls is not a rude thing, because it is rude to let someone else waste your time, or to waste your time.”

Likewise, as a manager or administrator, you should do best to encourage employees to add value to the team. Talk to the team leader and encourage them to find ways in which they can help teams, not requiring them to attend the meeting.

Stop using acronyms and buzzwords

‘’Anything that requires explanation prevents interpersonal communication’’ Musk said.

“We don’t want people to have to think about complicated matters to work at Tesla. It is necessary to stop using acronyms and buzzwords” he added.

He noted that shortening of things and constant shortening is not helpful. Saying: If anyone speaks in an incomprehensible way, or uses an acronym or buzzwords, keep your calm, ask questions about what his words mean, and be smart in dealing with him.

He advised: Be clear, simple and direct, especially in conversations that relate to jobs and departments, and how to communicate with leaders.

Kill Stupid Rules

Musk wrote: “In general, always follow your common sense and make it your guide all the time. If you feel that following a rule in the company is ridiculous, you should stop following it, or discussing those responsible.”

A very good way to help you get rid of stupid rules is to ask questions, Musk said: “If you can kill or change the stupid rules that keep you from serving customers or hinder you from doing your job well, think about how to get rid of them.”

He continued: “Prove to everyone that you are ready for change. You can change the rules and change them immediately. Work to get rid of any rule that affects the workflow, and do anything that helps you simply do your job, and enjoy it, and create a culture that allows everyone to be productive.”

Allow all departments to communicate with each other

Musk stresses that one of the main reasons that cause problems and the inability of companies to produce is to allow the free flow of information between all departments and at all levels.

Musk argues that people should talk to each other directly, and do it right.

Well, how do Elon Musk’s recommendations sound to you? Any useful takeaway? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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