Use Protein Powder to Gain Healthy Weight

Use Protein Powder to Gain Healthy Weight

Weight gain can be easy for some and others the hardest thing ever. You might be like literally eating everything, not missing meals, eating healthy but you just won’t gain weight. If this is you don’t give up just yet, there a solution here for you – Protein powder!

Gaining weight isn’t easy for people with genetics that won’t allow them to gain weight. Most people that find it hard to weight gain are ectomorphs. Ectomorphs are people with long thin limbs, stringy muscles and small joints. This is basically a skinny person and doesn’t gain as much no matter how much they eat. For an ectomorph to gain weight they need to take in more calories than they use in a day.

This being the case, they turn to other options like using protein powder. Unflavoured protein powder is easy, cheap helps gain weight in the best way possible. Protein powder tastes good so you shouldn’t worry about the taste at least.

Protein powder is a common nutritional supplement and it comes from plant proteins such as; soybeans, potatoes, peas, rice, hemp, eggs, milk. They’re two different types of supplements; ones that help you lose weight and gain weight. In order to build muscle you would therefore take supplements with more protein and to lose, you use less of it.

The importance of protein to gain weight

Protein has nutrients that help in building muscles, producing enzymes, hormones and tissue regeneration. Therefore, including it in all your meals at the same time working out will help you build muscle and gain weight.

How to use protein powder for weight gain

Protein powder is the fastest way to ensure that the body gets enough nutrition. This can be used for many reasons, such as building muscle mass, promoting health and also weight gain. As mentioned before, it is very much possible to get the required amount of proteins from the normal food. However it does not provide the same quantities as the protein powder provides.

If you want to use protein powder to increase your muscle growth, it is advised to choose powder that has a high biological value. This measures the amount of protein absorption by the body – the best being whey protein and protein isolate.

Side effects of protein powder

Protein powder can cause digestive problems. It can cause a disorder in the digestive system that comes from milk for people with problems of absorbing lactose.

Protein powder can have a lot of calories and added sugar. Some contain small amounts of sugar but the risk is a rapid rise. The American Heart Association suggested the amount that should be taken for men and women. It should be limited to 24g/day for women and 36g/day for men because it can cause unhealthy blood sugar levels.

High doses of protein powder can affect you as well. If you have any of these symptoms from taking protein powder, then know you’ve taken a little more than you should.

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness

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