Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs special care and attention during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered one of the most dangerous and sensitive stages that a female goes through in her life. The care here does not stop with concern for the food intake and seeing the doctor at the specified time only. Instead it extends to include exercise, apart from being good for physical health, it also reduces psychological disorders such as anxiety and other things. One of the best exercises is walking, which benefits pregnant women in many ways, most notably the following:

The benefits of walking for a pregnant woman

The women who kept walking during pregnancy had an easier pregnancy especially during the ninth month. Walking reduces the incidence of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

Walking protects women from exposure to many diseases and mental disorders. Specifically depression that troubles women after their birth, which leads to maintaining a balanced woman’s psyche and the atmosphere of the home as a whole.

It strengthens the heart muscles and their coordination. It also protects the health of the body and maintaining its suppleness. Walking saves the body, especially the abdominal area.

Walking helps burn a large number of calories, and thus helps you maintain a fit and healthy body. It facilitates the woman’s ability to regain fitness and strength after childbirth. This is because walking facilitates a woman’s ability to exercise in an easy and simple way after childbirth.

Walking during pregnancy helps to maintain the weight of the foetus at the normal rate. Basically it is born without any increase or decrease, i.e. with a very normal weight.

Rules for healthy walking

It is not enough to just walk, but there are a set of things and rules that must be taken into consideration before starting to practice walking and the most prominent of these rules are to follow the following:

Do not just suddenly go walking. Start by warming up for 5 minutes before going for a walk. Warm up by raising your head, push your shoulders back with your arms relaxed. Bend your arms to an angle of approximately ninety degrees and stretch slowly.

Avoid slouching by stretching the muscles while you’re walking. Walking for a period of time ranging from thirty minutes to forty-five minutes, as long as the woman did not feel any tiredness or fatigue.

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