Best Hairstyles & Hair Products

Best Hairstyles & Hair Products


There are different types of impressive and inspiring hairstyles in Rwanda. There are several styles ranging from braids, afros, curls to long straight hair. However, people’s hairstyles depends on their personality and their preferences. So, sometimes what’s easier to manage is what people go for. Looking for something new? Something stylish? Below are the best hairstyles & hair products you can try;


A braid is an arrangement or form shaped by interlocking two or more parts of hair. Braids have been around for about 5000 years, and traced to the African culture. The different types of braids include; mini braids, Havana twists, yarn braids, dutch braids, box braids, cornrows, goddess braids, twists etc.


Dreadlocks, locks, dreads or whatever term you’d like to use are rope like strands of hair molded by back combing interlocking and palm rolling- the hair is knotted, tangled and tied. Locs also molded through a method called “twist and rip”. Although today there are faux locks that can be removed without having to cut your hair. Also some narrate dreads to be religious and linked to Jamaica.


An afro is a natural hairstyle with close-fitting and curly hair. Afros known for their very big size or volume. Afros revealed as black pride and also as a political symbol. This hairstyle formed by combing the hair away from your scalp, in an upward manner. So, It can be preserved by the aid of an afro pick (wide-toothed comb).


A wig is a hair accessory made from human, animal or synthetic hair. Wigs are worn either to hide baldness or simply as a hairstyle to cover your own hair. Different types of wigs include; Full lace wig, 360 lace wig, lace front wig, lace wig, traditional weft wigs etc.


What are weaves? Weaves human or synthetic hair known as hair extensions, add length to human hair. Nearly like wigs but instead of being worn they are glued, sewn or clipped on human hair. Therefore, different types of weaves include; tape ins, clip ins, fusion & pre bonded hair, micro link hair etc.

Hair products

Hair products are what people use in their hair for moisture, growth, volume, curls, shine etc. Without hair products most people’s hair would be gloomy and lifeless. They are very significant for strong and healthy hair. So, some examples of hair products include; Hair moisturizer, essential hair oil, hair treatment, hair conditioner, hair shampoo etc.

Essential hair oil

Essential hair oil is a liquid having impulsive organic compounds from plants. You can use the essential oil to massage your scalp to promote hair growth and to seal in other products into the hair. Essential oils include; coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil etc.

Hair moisturizer

Hair moisturizer is aimed to not only increase moisture but also maintain moisture in your hair . If your hair moisture is low, you will notice that your hair will be hard, dry and brittle. Meaning your hair would need to be moisturized. So it can kept healthy and avoid breakage. Examples of  hair moisturizer are; Organic root stimulator olive oil, Cantu Shea butter conditioning cream, donna truly Shea butter etc.

Hair treatment

Hair treatments are protein based and are able to make your hair strong, moisturized and gets rid of frizz. If your hair has been damaged from coloring to chemicals, treatments are the solution for smooth shiny and lenient hair or bouncy healthy curls. Examples are; Tgin honey miracle hair mask, Cantu hair treatment, hair mayonnaise etc.

Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner can be used to improve the hair by softening, manageability and appearance. Therefore, friction reduced through conditioning. And combing and brushing can be made easier too. Hair conditioner can also strengthen and repair split ends. There’s two types of conditioner wash out and leave in conditioner.

Hair shampoo

Hair shampoo-a liquid used for cleaning hair. Shampoo clears away excess oil and residue without stripping scalp and hair. Avoid shampoos with parabens, alcohol, sodium chloride and synthetic fragrances. Examples of shampoos are; Aromatica, Rahua, Alaffia etc.

Above are different hairstyles and hair products that one can use in their daily life. What exactly they are and what they do. When you know the differences between them it becomes easier for you to know what is best for you and your hair.

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