Brief History on Rwandan Coffee

Brief History on Rwandan Coffee

The tiny East African nation of Rwanda is one of the leading coffee growing nations worldwide. Rwanda has been growing coffee for decades. Coffee plants were first introduced to Rwanda in 1904 by missionaries.

However, it was lacking high quality even though there was quantity. Rwanda’s coffee beans used to be low-grade because of the harsh demands of the colonial era. Over the years it has progressed to becoming one of the largest and best cash crops. So, as of today 95% of the coffee grown in Rwanda is the high quality Arabica Bourbon and the rest is Caturra and Catuai. They are ready to be harvested in September, October then in between March and July.

The coffee is wet processed. Thanks to the time, resources and effort given by the moderns to develop the washing stations.

Rwandan coffee is rich, sweet and full of pleasant flavour and fruity aroma. Their improvement in quality keeps the Rwandan coffee sought after worldwide.

The coffee growing regions have nitrogen volcanic soils. The main coffee growing regions in Rwanda are Muhazi, Kivu, Akagera, Kizi Rift and Virunga. Other regions include; Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyamasheke, Huye, Kamonyi, Kayonza, Gakenke, Kirehe, Ngoma, Nyamagabe and Nyagatare.

Coffee Exporters

  1000 Hills Products Rwanda Ltd    Arabica Coffee  0784466002  Germany, Poland
  Dallas Investments Coffee  Green Coffee  0788302113    South Africa
  Cooperative Shining Coffee  Arabica Coffee    0788606976      Jordan
  Agro-Link Co.Ltd   Green Coffee       0788564088      Germany, Japan, USA, China, UK
  Ets Nkubili Alfred & Sons( ENAS CAFFEX)    Green Coffee and Roasted Coffee  0788300760 /    Switzerland, Singapore
  Gasharu Coffee Limited    Arabica Coffee  0788464226    Belgium
  GIC Co.Ltd  Green Coffee  0788890822    Uganda
      Huye Mountain Coffee      Green Coffee      078303678        Switzerland  
  Kayumbu Coffee Company (KAYCO)    Green Coffee    0788304026      Singapore
  Muraho Trading Coffee  Arabica Coffee  0785794976    UK
  Rwanda Coffee Exporters & Processors(RWACOF)    Green Coffee  0788306514    Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, USA

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