Choosing Outfits To Match your Body Shape

Choosing Outfits To Match your Body Shape

Choosing your outfit of the day is one of the most important things we do daily. You basically choose how you want to look. It may also be a way to express a person’s personality. When selecting the outfits, you should choose clothes that suit your body type – otherwise you might feel uncomfortable. Also when choosing clothes, consider the time and place and dress appropriately according to your surroundings.

The female body

There are many things that are taken into consideration when choosing and coordinating clothes. The most important being the shape of the body.


For this type of body, the shoulders are noticeably narrower than the hips. Then the arms are often thin, small chest, while the waist is small with wide hips. The most suitable clothes for this type of body are clothes that show off the hips. You should choose bold colours for the top.


This type of body is called the hourglass because it resembles an hourglass. This means the shoulders and chest area measurements are similar or close to the hips area. In addition to that the waist is thin and clearly defined, so it is smaller than the shoulders and hips. The clothes that take suit this body type are tight and wide dresses.


This body is known as the apple because it looks a little rounded. Basically, the shoulders and the chest on this body are wider and its measurements are greater than the hips area. This type of body looks best with clothes that cover the waist area. The clothes could be wide short/long dresses or wide shirts.


This is a straight body that does not have a lot of obvious curves. The waist is equal or close to the measurements of the hips and the shoulders. The most suitable clothes to wear with this type of body are narrow dresses, open shoulders and belts.

Male body


This body type is the most prominent among men. This is because most men have a waist wider than the rest of their body, which represents a triangle shape. Those who have this body may find it difficult to choose clothes, because they are often designed to be wide from the shoulders and narrow at the waist and abdomen. These bodies fit shirts with dark colours, and shirts that are striped vertically.

Inverted triangle

This style is in contrast to the first type, as it is completely the opposite. The shoulders here are wider and wider than the abdomen and waist. This style of body is suitable for narrow shirts, and V-shaped domes. This is because it basically takes the shape of the body, and it fits the pants that are straight.

Shades of skin

Very light skin

This skin is considered the lightest colour of the skin, which is sloping to white skin. This skin suits natural, light and calm colors. Also the colours of stones and jewellery.

Golden yellow skin

This skin color comes in two shades, warm and bright. The most suitable color to wear is violet, lavender, mint green, ivory, coral, apricot, light or marine green, red or a soft light yellow.

Brown complexion

This skin type is suitable with olive, pink, burgundy, violet, mustard, cherry red, green and indigo.

Dark chocolate skin

This skin type looks good with light colors such as pink, white and yellow. Basically bright colours look so good on dark skin like orange, plum, red, and fuchsia or indigo.

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