Coordinate Colors For The Perfect Outfit

Coordinate Colors For The Perfect Outfit

We all seek to appear in a decent and tidy appearance. The appearance of a person is shown in his personality and self-confidence. Then the color coordination manner plays a big role in the elegance of a person. So, the colors must be chosen very carefully so that this is reflected in his/her appearance.

Avoid wearing more than three colors together. Therefore, neutral colors can also be used: black, white, and gray, for these colors suit all other colors

Coordinate colors using the color wheel

The best way to choose the colors of clothes is to use the color wheel. The color wheel helps choose colors that are in harmony with each other. The eye feels satisfied when seeing them. The colors are distributed into warm and cold colors.

Examples of warm colors are: Yellow, orange and red. Then examples of cold colors are: Green, purple and blue. When warm and cold colors are mixed a new color is produced. White, grey and black colors are neutral colors which are important when coordinating colors properly.

Avoid combining complementary colors.

Complementary colors are aloe. Those that emphasize and complement each other, but are opposite to each other on the color wheel. For example: orange and blue. Avoid combining two complementary colors. Only people who have high confidence tend to combine these colors.

The use of similar colors

Similar colors are colors that are end-to-end to the color wheel. Adjacent colors are colors such as green and yellow, or red and orange. These colors are close to each other, and look good when combined. Note that it is necessary not to place more than three similar colors in one outfit.

Using the primary colors

The basic colors are red, yellow, and blue. Combining these colors gives a beautiful look. But only a brave person dares to wear it.

Not mixing some colors together

Some colors should be avoided to be mixed together. Yet some people still fall into that. Such as combining black with blue etc. Please don’t that.  

The symmetrical colors

The combination of analogous colors in the clothes gives you that elegant look. These colors exist together in nature. They are determined on the color wheel by choosing one color and then skipping the next color and choosing the color that is after it.

The proverbial colors

Triangular colors are three colors that are spread out equally on the color wheel. Therefore, if the color wheel includes 24 colors, you count from 8 to 8. And if the color wheel has 12 colors, count from 4 to 4. Combining these colors leads to unusual coordinates that suit formal clothing, and can be worn when going to a party.

Monotonous colors

Monotonous colors mean using only one color in an outfit. It can also be by using one color in different shades, or using neutral colors in different shades such as gray in its shades. These colors are used for formal occasions.

Neutral colors

They increase the beauty of the outfit, improve the colors, and make it look better coordinated. The color gray is a good choice for an outfit.

For example: You could wear a gray skirt and the upper piece is dark purple and the scarf pale golden color. For men, they can wear gray pants, white shirt, red tie and a blue jacket. A white shirt is a good complement to many pieces, it can be worn with black pants, tie, jacket, and a scarf.

Three colors when choosing clothes.

The main color: The main color is the one that occupies most of the outfit space, such as the formal black suit.

Secondary color: The secondary color is close to the primary color or compared expressively with it. For example, wearing black formal suit with a white shirt.

 Light or bright colors: The contrasting colors- primary and secondary colors, as it is used to emphasize and draw attention to certain parts of the costume.

Coordination of clothes color according to skin color

It is recommended to coordinate colors that suits the color of the skin, according to the following:

Pale or yellow skin: Matches perfectly with cold colors such as: dark blue, emerald, gray, and burgundy.

Fresh skin: Proper for warm colors such as: honey, brown, dark gray , golden, and others.

Match shoes with clothes

You should choose shoes to match with clothes.

Black shoes: Black shoes are appropriate for almost all colors, except for mild colors.

Brown shoes: Brown shoes match tones of brick, brown, beige, orange, green and darker ground colors.

Light brown shoes: Match with light tones, beige, white, blue, and light brick.

Dark gray: Go well with white, light and pastel colors.

White shoes: Are able to match with neutrals, delicate and pastel colors.

Silver shoes: Suitable for pastel colors, white, black, blue and purple.

Gray shoes: Suitable for black, blue, red, and some shades of yellow and purple.

Golden shoes: Match green, red, brown, black, and sometimes white.

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