How to Build a Fragrance Wardrobe

How to Build a Fragrance Wardrobe

Which one is your favourite? Jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, musk or moss? I know, choosing one scent can be hard – a little like a picking a favourite child. Nowadays the trend is having a fragrance collection filled with different scents for different moods. The task might sound a little discouraging most especially with a lack of fragrance vocabulary.

Fragrance categories

Most likely you are gonna be choosing between eau de parfum (EDP) and eau de toilette (EDT). EDPs are more concentrated, intense and stay longer while EDTs are less concentrated, don’t stay on longer and vary from skin to skin. EDPs are subsequently more expensive than EDTs.

When you are selecting a fragrance, first consider if you want synthetic or natural. It is nice to have both EDT and EDP options while building a fragrance wardrobe. It is suggested as well to have a collection with colognes, face mists, parfums, scented body and hair oils too.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Perfume formulators breakdown a fragrance into notes, this affects the way you experience a fragrance’s scent. There are three notes: top, middle and base.

  • Top notes are the first scent you smell when the fragrance is out.
  • Middle notes give the fragrance charm and intensity.
  • Base notes ground and balance the fragrance, providing deepness to the fragrance.

When you’re selecting a fragrance, look for a description of each note so it helps you understand how you will best experience that scent.

Considerations for Building Your Own Fragrance Collection

Finding your signature scent is actually a personal experience. That being said, you can go about finding scents for your wardrobe methodically, even if that means listening to your intuition. To begin with, you can do a little scent-oriented self-inventory. Unapologetically ask yourself this question, what is attractive to me? Finding the scent that attracts you is so personal, subliminal, and analytical decision. My advice would be to stick your nose in every crack and find out what flips your switch. You should think of fragrance as something that highlights your mood.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for a fragrance gear, you might reconsider the notion of a signature scent. Customers have expanded signature scents and now wear fragrances that are appropriate to that occasion or event. Modern men and women desire a fragrance wardrobe, rather than one fragrance. You can for instance buy a new fragrance whenever you’re traveling somewhere different. You’ll always remember the time and place you were visiting every time you smell it.

When shopping online, you can break down reviews and descriptions. Reviews from some blogs can be very helpful because they really know to explain notes in detail. Sometimes another person’s point of view can help you decide on a purchasing or, introduce you to something you may not have even considered.


The more you live with a fragrance, the more you come to appreciate its potential to unlock moods, memories, and contribute to your overall well-being. Rules can be very helpful in understanding the arrangement of a fragrance as well as different types of categories of scents, but once you have good knowledge of the vocabulary, the most essential thing when building a fragrance is to follow your instinct.

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