Rwanda Tea Sector

Rwanda Tea Sector

After water, tea is the next cheapest drink that we consume. Drinking tea has been proven to have health benefits. It contains many antioxidants, helps with weight loss and has less caffeine than coffee.

Tea was first introduced in Rwanda in 1952 and today has become one of the main cash crops. Therefore, the tea produced in Rwanda is known to be among the best worldwide and for its high quality. Also the tea includes; Green tea, orthodox tea, black tea, spicy tea, white tea, authentic and organic tea. It is planted on the hillsides on a high altitude and drained marshes.

Tea Exporters

  ACC Export Ltd    Green tea  0788501601  DRC
  Mata Tea Company    CTC Black tea  0788446531/ 0788654867  Kenya
  Mulindi Tea Company  CTC Black tea (Shagasha tea)    0727588357    Kenya
  Muganza Kivu Tea Factory(MKTF)      Black Tea    0788304630    Kenya
  Pfunda Tea Factory    CTC Black Tea  0788485027  Kenya
  Kabizu Group Ltd    Black Tea  0788532206  Belgium
  Nshili Kivu Tea Factory    CTC Black Tea  0788308776  Kenya
      Sorwathe    CTC Black Tea, Green Tea, Orthodox black, green and organic Tea      0788302834/ 0788306673  Kenya, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, France, Germany, Pakistan  
  Rwanda Mountain Tea    CTC Black Tea  0788303101  Kenya
  Rwanda Tea Packers    Tea bags  0788302537  Uganda
  MAGRICO LTD    Organic Green Tea    0786268768  USA

Requirements for exportation

  • Certificate of origin
  • Visa of Rwanda customs office
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Euro 1 for goods going to European Union
  • COMESA certificate of origin
  • (General system of preferences)certificate of origin
  • Bill of Lading

Tea Quality

Rwanda produced one of the best quality teas in the world and 97.3% of it is exported raw. It has gained an enormous acceptability worldwide because of its quality. Below are a things that contribute to the tea quality:

  • Acidic soil PH 4.5 – 5.5
  • Rwandan climate
  • Abundant rainfall of 2mm/year

Due to the preeminent grounds on which the tea grows, its strength and flavour has been renowned all around Rwanda as the best. In 2011 Rwanda tea was also the winner of a tea cupping competition that took place in Mombasa, Kenya.

Rwanda Tea Grades


  • BP1 Broken Pekoe 1
  • PD Pekoe Dust
  • PF1 Pekoe Fannings 1
  • D1 Dust 1


  • BMFD Broken Mixed Fannings Dust
  • BMF Broken Mixed Fannings
  • D Dust
  • F1 Fannings 1

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