What is Vuba Vuba?

What is Vuba Vuba?

Vuba Vuba is an online platform for food ordering and delivery. It launched shortly after Jumia Food had just shut down. Certainly, we all used to use Jumia Food and they left a big gap when they shut down their operations. Owned by Albert Munyabugingo, Jumia Foods former Managing Direcor – Vuba Vuba has still retained 80% of Jumias’ staff as well as riders.

There is nothing like eating your favourite food from your favourite restaurant in the comfort of your home, office or elsewhere. It is frustrating when you’re hungry and can’t cook at the moment or leave the place you’re at. What if it’s getting late and you had a long day and have no time to prepare dinner? How about the times you’re to throw a get together and couldn’t get enough time to order drinks? What else could solve those problems if not Vuba Vuba? Not only does Vuba Vuba bring your food to your doorstep but also delivers groceries, liquor, flowers etc.

From September 8th 2020, Vuba Vuba expanded its delivery services to Musanze, Northern Province. This expansion happened 9 months later after the launch. Now the new branch is able to carter to its Musanze residents and tourists.

The Vuba Vuba launch in Musanze started with some of the famous restaurants including; Le bamboo, Amikus, Holy One restaurant, La paillote and Ndaza Escape. The tourists and residents will access various cuisines, supermarkets and other services.

Why use Vuba Vuba?

Vuba Vuba aims in promoting and increasing sales for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets as well as marketing them through the app. Vuba Vuba is the easiest way to order food in absolutely any location you might be at without a hassle.

How do I use Vuba Vuba?

Absolutely not! All you have to do is download the app. Flick through the restaurants, supermarkets, liquor stores, pharmacies or flower shops, according to what you’re looking for. Indistinctly order what you like, put your address and phone number for them to locate you well. And lastly pay – the payments methods are flexible for everyone. They include; 

  • Pay on delivery
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Mobile Money ( Pre-payment)
  • Spenn (Pre-payment)

After choosing your payment method, your order is done. You now wait for the rider to arrive.

Vuba Vuba is available for download on both Google Play store and App store .

Download today and enjoy Vuba Vuba !

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