World of Online Shopping

World of Online Shopping

Everything has gone online now, not just communication which has reached a standard where people expect no less, but also purchasing is on a high rise. Everything is online now, purchasing goods, items, materials, etc. and so on and so forth. People will never stop buying, and buying has become easier to do thanks to the internet. A vast online shopping world, every single day, orders are made of countless and various types of things. Companies that used to do delivery via phone, now have their own online sites where you can simply make a few clicks and have them deliver to you. 

The industry of online shopping is massive, last year, 2020; online shopping hit a market size of 4 trillion! Due to the high demand and standard of constant human need and survival for this fast pacing world of the internet, it’s no surprise. Matter of fact, it’s predicted that by the year 2025, the entire nation will be shopping online. So many customers are found buying things every day from all parts of the world.

A personalized shopping experience, catering for all genders, men and women, each with their own spending habits and preferences; men especially go for electronics, gadgets, and home renovation items like furniture, gaming chairs, computers, play stations etc… Women on the other hand prefer clothing, food stuff, beauty products & self-care items. 

Online shopping has options for its customers, to either have the items delivered to them directly at their homes, or a delivery location/outlet where they could pick it up from. The history of online shopping began before 1991, a man named Michael Aldrich who had created something called Redifon in 1980. This linked the suppliers back then with their customers, thus allowing goods to be sold electronically. Up until 1994, when online financial transactions were in rotation, did online shopping truly become manifest online. Since then it has evolved and become a phenomenon in the world today. 

Online shopping today uses the form of intense marketing strategy to get to its customers and to influence new shoppers. Social media sites have become a perfect platform for every day social humans to come in contact with Advertisements being posted on their pages, like Facebook and Instagram. Literally shopping has begun to invade many different websites, showcasing their products. Giving out discounts and special offers like Black Friday to be able to grab people’s attention. Shopping online has never been so comprehensive, you can always scroll normally and find ad’s in your daily social feed. A simple click may lead you to a link that makes the shopping experience easy to do, by providing an interested customer with simple and organized manoeuvrability around the website. That being said the shopping experience has become so simple and easy for today’s generation, bent on shopping more than ever.

The online shopping experience has also become more advanced than that today, companies and businesses are now developing apps (Online Applications), that can be downloaded and have a wide range and variety of products to be sold and bought. These apps have become so diverse that they shelter more than thousands of different products for all different consumer needs and wants. From home appliances, to electronics, to foods, to  clothing, to health, beauty products, sporting goods, gardening and outdoors, camping, games and leisure products, baby products and much more. These apps have simplified the shopping experience, in general, by showcasing millions of different products all integrated into one platform. 

The world of online shopping has also become so diverse that regular people can sell old items of their belongings, such that people who do garage sales can now do it online, the shipping of products has also greatly become reasonably priced and useful for those regular people to do their own personal businesses.

Items are now becoming more popular even when repackaged or resold; you have vendors who sell items that are priceless such as collectables that people buy online. There is also the choice of purchasing refurbished goods, like laptops which have been serviced with new internal parts; (Processors, graphic cards, ram chips, hard drives, etc.) to give off a cheaper option for people shopping online for computers. The same with many other electronic goods, phones, game consoles for instance which are being re-sold in used condition by other owners, cleaned. For example, users in the UK have been re-selling their old consoles to countries like Africa, for cheaper prices, where the economy is sometimes lower.

Matter of fact, a lot of Chinese companies have been selling cheaper made Smartphone’s to Africa. This is to support people in buying affordable Smartphones to use with the internet. As well as for the case of online shopping, many of these apps are especially used and made for the phone. Thus, on the go shopping, whilst a person has their mobile phone. 

Online shopping will always continue to grow and has reached a state where it is depended on more than ever by people and this generation of today. In Rwanda, we also have different websites for online shopping that you can enjoy:

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