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Gold jewellery has a special place in our heart. Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful gold ring or necklace? If yes – you will want it always looking its best. You should have your jewellery cleaned regularly. If you aren’t sure how to do that you are in the right place. You do […]

Yoga is a sport of the body and mind. It extends to ancient historical origins in the Indian philosophy. There are many styles of yoga that combine breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, and physical movements together. Today, yoga has become very popular – it is a form of physical exercise that relies on specific physical positions, […]

Just start You do not have to wait for motivation for you to start. If you want to work consistently every day, you just have to start. The funny thing about this is once you have started working for some time, it starts getting easier and easier and the motivation eventually catches up. Start small […]

There are many ways in which we can treat tonsillitis. The most recommended method recommended by doctors depends on the factors below; Patient’s age. Patient’s health status. How severe the disease is. Patient’s treatment tolerance. So basically the treatment the doctor will give you will vary depending on what caused the inflammation. For example it […]

Our blood contains a type of sugar called glucose. This sugar has its main source known as starches which gives the body the energy it needs. Our bodies contain a hormone known as insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and its role is to regulate glucose in our blood so it does not exceed […]

Using flowers and plants Plants and flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen. You can put flowers on the kitchen table but remember to change them every few days. The space on the window can be used too by putting aromatic herbs that can also be used for cooking. Decorate the walls with […]