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What is lettuce? Lettuce is a common leafy vegetable and its color ranges from yellow to dark green it may sometimes contain some shades of red. It belongs to the daisy family, and it grows all over the world. Lettuce is available in several different varieties, and with good flavours, in addition to its high […]

Most nutritionists recommend using ground flaxseeds instead of whole grains for easy digestion. This is because whole seeds may pass through your intestines without being digested, which reduces the degree of utilization. Grinding/crushing flaxseeds breaks down the tough outer shell. This exposes alpha-linoleic acid and secoisolariciresinol diglucoside/SDG to oxidation. However, the milling process is important. […]

The concept of public speaking Public speaking is one of the important arts that deals with the mental and emotional side of the human being. It is the art of persuasion. This is because it clearly focuses on emotion, and it is a connection with others from one side. The preacher communicates a set of information and […]

Lemon Overview The lemon tree is an evergreen tree that grows to a height of more than six meters, and unlike other citrus species, it produces lemon fruits permanently. It is usually grown in the Mediterranean climate, and subtropical regions around the world, and its leaves are distinguished by their shape. Lemon benefits Rich source […]

When you don’t sleep well you end up feeling so tired, irritated and not able to concentrate. It can start affecting your work/school performance, ruin relationships and also affect your health. Over 100 million people do not get enough sleep and many end up with sleep disorders. Sleep therapy is a type of therapy made […]

The pancreas is a pear-shaped organ 6-10 inches long, extending horizontally behind the stomach in the upper left part of the human abdomen. It is surrounded by the small intestine, spleen, and liver. The pancreas acts as a ductal gland that secretes digestive juices. It can also act as an endocrine gland that regulates the […]