How To Buy or Rent Property In Rwanda

How To Buy or Rent Property In Rwanda

Buying property can be tough for first time buyers but i’m going to make it easier for you. So, if you’re wondering how to buy or rent property in Rwanda you’re in the right place. Properties are everywhere and it’s up to you to find the right one that suits your needs.

In Rwanda there are different types of properties:

  • Residential properties
  • Houses
  • Land
  • Apartments
  • Commercial properties

There are two ways in which you can find a house either for sale or for rent. One is to contact a broker agency and get a broker who can assist in finding the perfect house for you. The second is to use online websites in finding the perfect house for you. The online websites show you different property and you can check them out then visit the ones you could be interested in according to your preferences.

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Buying land

Anyone can buy land in Rwanda, whether you’re a Rwandan national or a foreigner. And the price of the land is the same for both foreigners and Rwandan locals. All you have to do is to make sure that your real estate agent has a license. Your real estate agent will assist in the logistics and process the documents you need e.g. Land title, title search etc. However when you buy property in Rwanda you don’t buy it forever, you lease it for a couple of years.  Foreigners lease the house for 49 years and Rwandan nationals rent the house for 99 years. When these years are done, you can renew the rent or the government takes it if they need it.

According to Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA), leasing land in Rwanda depends on the type of land, the location and what it’s going to be used for example: Buying land in Nyarutarama and buying land in Nyamirambo or buying land in Kigali and buying land in Kayonza can be completely different because of those factors. Land in Kigali City is more expensive than land in the rural areas. Before buying land you should first refer to the master plan because you might find that area was already planned for something else like a garden or a road.

You can buy land and process all the documents in less than 5 days. It has been made easier, people can now conduct the transfers online and track their progress online at IREMBO. So, You create an account on Irembo, to make all your government services are simplified and faster. After that, Irembo gives you access to government services like; national ID, immigration, land services etc. 2009 was the year that Land registration started and goes on until today.

You then have to get either a marriage or celibacy certificate in order to do any land registration. In getting your land title, there has to be a contract signed between the two parties. The land notary then uploads the transaction to the Land Administration and Information System (LAIS). You can track your application procedure by sending an SMS with your tracking number that was attached to the application.

Based on the information above, you can see how stress-free it is to acquire any sort of property in Rwanda. Click on the links and get the property of your dreams today!

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