How To Leave Your Tiles Spotless

How To Leave Your Tiles Spotless

Dirty tiles can be frustrating, especially if you are a person who hates seeing dirty floors and bathrooms. Cleaning is not a fun activity, but it’s part of our everyday life. 

If you want your tiles to look spotless every day, you will have to make cleaning them a habit. But sometimes, life hits you with challenges, and those challenges can include dirty stains on your tiles that, no matter how hard you scrub, won’t come off. 

Read this article to learn the tips you can use to remove all types of stains on your floor;

What you’ll need for cleaning may include;

  • Gloves
  • A rug or chamois mop
  • pail
  • sponges
  • scrub brushes of various sizes
  • brooms and a dustpan
  • commercial cleaning projects
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • white vinegar
  • bleach

To remove stubborn dirty spots,

First, try all the usual methods you use to clean your tiles; if they don’t work, then try these DIY tips. Before applying any of these products to your tiles, check if they are safe for your tiles. 

Vacuum or sweep the tile first

Sweeping the floor first will help remove the dust so that when you put water and a rug, you won’t have to stick the dust in the grouts.

Put warm or hot water in a pail and a rug

Dip the rag in the water and squeeze out excess water. Make sure the rug is damp and not soaking.

Run the mop across the tiles in gentle strokes 

Make sure you follow a pattern so that you don’t miss a spot.

Change the water a few times.

Don’t use the same water throughout the whole cleaning session. You will need to change the water a few times as you’re cleaning. Once you use the same water and damp in the rag every time, you’ll still be adding the dirt on the tiles and create a haze of grime on the tiles.

Clean the grouts with scrubs

First, damp the grouts with a mix of bleach and any other cleaning products, let it sit in for a few minutes while wearing gloves, scrub the grouts and rinse.

Dry the floor with a clean, dry cloth

When you dry instantly, it will avoid the creation of lines all over the tiles.

For stubborn stains

Stains like Ink, wine stains, grease, here are the methods you can use 

Hydrogen Peroxide Method

You can use this method for Ink stains or permanent markers.

  • Damp a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and put it on the stain; make sure you don’t spread the stain by pressing it on the stain. 
  • Change the cloth and put hydrogen peroxide again. This time, leave the fabric on the stain for 5 minutes. For grease, use baking soda.
  • Rinse with water once you remove the cloth, put in an oxygen-based cleaning product, and scrub for 15 minutes.

Vinegar/Hot water Method

You can use this method on stains in grouts

  •  Wipe down the area with hot water to remove surface dirt
  • Mix half a cup of vinegar and half hot water in a spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on the stains and leave it for five minutes
  • Scrub with a soft toothbrush 
  • Rinse with warm water and dry

Baking soda Method

  • Mix one part peroxide with two parts baking soda
  • Spray the solution on the stain(grease)
  • Scrub the stain with a brush and the solution. You can use this method for marble tiles.    

How you can care for your tiles;

  • Tiles need to be cleaned regularly so that dirt won’t be accumulated, and make sure you first sweep or use a dusting brush to remove the dust. Mop with a rag or a chamois mop at least three times a week, the minimum. Things that you should avoid doing to protect your tiles may also include,
  • Avoid using a hard bristle or steel wool pads. These will damage your tiles by creating scratches.
  • Chemical products for cleaning that may mix, like ammonia, are known for mixing badly with most cleaning products, so it is advisable to read your labels before using them. 
  • Dropping heavy objects on tile that can damage your tile
  • Don’t let dirt accumulate on your tiles, and this is the worst thing that can happen to your tiles.
  • If spills, make sure to clean instantly not to create stains that can be hard to remove. 

Bottom line

It is essential to clean your tiles regularly, don’t ignore the stains on the tiles because they can accumulate and give a bad look to your living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Follow the above steps while cleaning your tiles to leave them spotless.

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