Tyres are the most important part of your car. After all, you wouldn’t really get anywhere without them. Our tyres cannot last forever but they’re some things you can do that can prolong their life. Check your tyre pressure every month Driving with low pressure tyres is the fastest way to finish up their lifespan. […]

Road safety Road safety means qualifying people and teaching them how to drive safely. It is managed through a set of international laws and agreements that are proposed and are subsequently negotiated by governments, then these rules become mandatory for countries that join these conventions. These rules deal with several items, including: Traffic rules Traffic […]

Have you ever heard of a water powered car? Yes, you can actually run your car on water. What you will need to do is to build a “water-burning hybrid”. This is the installation of a small home-made electrolysis cell under the top lid of your car. So the key is to take electricity from […]

There are few things worse than heading to the mountains or heading upcountry only to have your car  stuck in the mud. Every car no matter the type can get stuck in the mud, whether it’s a big truck or  low-clearance car. Here are some of the few tips and tricks that will help you […]

Distracting the driver There are many reasons for the driver to be distracted while driving the vehicle. Some of which occur inside the vehicle and others outside it. Things like making a phone call, which reduces the focus of the brain and the skill of driving and thus causing traffic accidents. It is advised to […]

Automatic car Before starting to drive an automatic, one should know the gearboxes, the letters and the meanings. (P) Stands for (Park) and is used when parking and getting out of the vehicle. (R) Stands for (Reverse) and is used for driving in reverse – basically going backwards. (N) symbolises (Neutral) and it should not […]