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There are a lot of benefits to eating sardines, the famous fish, and a delicacy of seafood, enjoyed by many humans in the world for many years. Sardines are very healthy, containing much benefit to the human body. Mostly rich in protein, multiple vitamins and minerals. The concentration of proteins in sardines is 25 grams. […]

Vuba Vuba is an online platform for food ordering and delivery. It launched shortly after Jumia Food had just shut down. Certainly, we all used to use Jumia Food and they left a big gap when they shut down their operations. Owned by Albert Munyabugingo, Jumia Foods former Managing Direcor – Vuba Vuba has still […]

If you really love tasting different cuisines. Are you just starving and can’t really find the best place for your cravings? Wondering to yourself ” where can i eat in Kigali?” Look no further because below are a selection of restaurants offering a variety of different foods from all over the world.  Kigali has lots […]