Your carpet takes lots of abuse from spills and pets. However, it is important and adds comfort and warmth in our homes. In that case you should always make an effort to keep it clean at all times. Frequent cleaning can extend the carpets life. Keep reading to learn tricks to clean your carpet easily […]

Using flowers and plants Plants and flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen. You can put flowers on the kitchen table but remember to change them every few days. The space on the window can be used too by putting aromatic herbs that can also be used for cooking. Decorate the walls with […]

Being able to get a good night’s sleep is very important – especially to keep you healthy and happy. If you buy a mattress without doing research might end up giving you achy and sleepless nights. Mattresses can cost anything from 50,000 RWF to millions so ensure the mattress you buy is worth it. Read […]