Getting rid of sunburn and its effects requires a lot of patience until the burns gets enough time to heal. Therefore it can be said that there is no cure for sunburn, so there are some options that help control symptoms until the body takes the time needed to heal and recover from these burns. […]

Dimples are small hollows that can be found on your skin. People have them on different places of the body, including the chin, lower back and most commonly the cheeks. Cheek dimples are found on the sides of the mouth. You can have a dimples on both sides of your face or just one side. […]

Vaseline is a gel made from an oil refining process. Many people think it has no benefits at all but on the contrary it has many. It can be used for home treatments and as a daily beauty routine because it maintains moisture. The right time to use Vaseline There are certain times when it […]

Overview  Aloe vera is a succulent plant of the genus Aloe. This name comes from two words; “aloeh,” which is an Arabic word that means bitter, and “vera” is Latin for “truth.” This is an evergreen perennial, it originates from the Arabian Peninsula, but it grows wild in tropical, arid, and semi-tropical climates worldwide. Aloe […]

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the shea tree found in West and East Africa. It is a white product that is located in the shea fruit. People from East and West Africa have been using it for thousands of years on the skin, hair, and cooking but commonly on the body. It is […]

When your feet are dry, they create a dead layer on the feet, making dead skin. Dry feet is a common situation that people face, and it can be not very pleasant and annoying. This process is called shedding; this is normal because every 30 days, the skin needs to shed and exfoliate, and new […]