Take care of car

There are few things worse than heading to the mountains or heading upcountry only to have your car  stuck in the mud. Every car no matter the type can get stuck in the mud, whether it’s a big truck or  low-clearance car. Here are some of the few tips and tricks that will help you […]

Automatic car Before starting to drive an automatic, one should know the gearboxes, the letters and the meanings. (P) Stands for (Park) and is used when parking and getting out of the vehicle. (R) Stands for (Reverse) and is used for driving in reverse – basically going backwards. (N) symbolises (Neutral) and it should not […]

Dear car owner, you would undoubtedly love to know little known ways to take good care of your car. It may be new or somewhat old – I know but that doesn’t make any difference. You know what I mean: in fact, a well-maintained old car can live longer than a newer one without proper […]