Month: December, 2020

Imported Motor Vehicles  Vehicles that are imported should be declared at Gikondo/customs HQ dry port. However, if they don’t have a plate number they receive a transit plate number until the whole process is done.  The process for declaring imported motor vehicles is the same as declaring other goods. The only difference being an additional […]

Green tea as well as other types of tea like red, black or oolong tea are all prepared from camellia sinensis plant. Out of all of these types of tea, green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants. This is because of the way the green tea is manufactured. They’re manufactured heating fresh leaves to […]

Weight gain can be easy for some and others the hardest thing ever. You might be like literally eating everything, not missing meals, eating healthy but you just won’t gain weight. If this is you don’t give up just yet, there a solution here for you – Protein powder! Gaining weight isn’t easy for people […]