Most popular cars in Rwanda Are you in Rwanda and looking for a car? Well you are in luck because below are the most popular cars in the country, you will find Toyota, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz but the popularity depends on who’s purchasing the car. It is easy and manageable to drive yourself in Rwanda […]

The car is always exposed to pollution due to its frequent use, such as:  dirt, food residues and other pollutants. They accumulate in it making it dirty and unclean. So, care must be taken to clean it both inside and outside. It should be cleaned outside at least every 2 weeks and inside every month. […]

Most people prefer to take their vehicles in car washing places, in order to save time and effort on them in cleaning, regardless of their knowledge of what materials or the cleaning method used there. Some don’t even mind if their car is washed really professionally or if the car washer is experienced. I will […]

I know , I know. Car scratches are horrible. It can be so annoying for owners but the occurrence may vary. The reason could be accidental, maybe a tree trunk falling on it or colliding with other objects such as mail boxes or hitting other cars. It is also possible the car may have been […]

In light of the high prices of new cars, many then resort to the used car market. They do this to obtain a vehicle that fits their financial capabilities. However, there are conditions and basics the buyer should know before buying used cars. You as a buyer, do not want to fall victim to buying […]

Dear car owner, you would undoubtedly love to know little known ways to take good care of your car. It may be new or somewhat old – I know but that doesn’t make any difference. You know what I mean: in fact, a well-maintained old car can live longer than a newer one without proper […]