You probably know more about the engine oil. At a very basic level, engine oil is the oil that is placed in an internal combustion engine. It does the work of lubricating the engines’ moving parts and cleaning the engine. It also prevents its wear and improves its performance. Additionally, it cools the engine, by […]

The car’s engine is one of the main parts of the car. It is the heart of the car and the main energy provider in it. The engine is one of the highly complex parts in the car. As it contains many different parts that work together in harmony in order to supply the car […]

You can make your car’s interior sparkle again! You know what’s even more shocking? You can do it on your own. Because you already have many of the tools and materials needed. Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s dive right into easy hacks for cleaning your car’s interior detailedly. We’ll start by cleaning seats. Cloth/fabric […]

Most popular cars in Rwanda Are you in Rwanda and looking for a car? Well you are in luck because below are the most popular cars in the country, you will find Toyota, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz but the popularity depends on who’s purchasing the car. It is easy and manageable to drive yourself in Rwanda […]

The car is always exposed to pollution due to its frequent use, such as:  dirt, food residues and other pollutants. They accumulate in it making it dirty and unclean. So, care must be taken to clean it both inside and outside. It should be cleaned outside at least every 2 weeks and inside every month. […]

Most people prefer to take their vehicles in car washing places, in order to save time and effort on them in cleaning, regardless of their knowledge of what materials or the cleaning method used there. Some don’t even mind if their car is washed really professionally or if the car washer is experienced. I will […]