Automatic car Before starting to drive an automatic, one should know the gearboxes, the letters and the meanings. (P) Stands for (Park) and is used when parking and getting out of the vehicle. (R) Stands for (Reverse) and is used for driving in reverse – basically going backwards. (N) symbolises (Neutral) and it should not […]

Imported Motor Vehicles  Vehicles that are imported should be declared at Gikondo/customs HQ dry port. However, if they don’t have a plate number they receive a transit plate number until the whole process is done.  The process for declaring imported motor vehicles is the same as declaring other goods. The only difference being an additional […]

Many drivers and car owners have experienced the headache resulting from the weak torque of their vehicles and cars. The lower torque hinders the speed and flexibility of the car’s movement. It does and also hider access to the places the driver seeks to reach. Let’s see how to have a powerful car torque. The […]

You probably know more about the engine oil. At a very basic level, engine oil is the oil that is placed in an internal combustion engine. It does the work of lubricating the engines’ moving parts and cleaning the engine. It also prevents its wear and improves its performance. Additionally, it cools the engine, by […]

The car’s engine is one of the main parts of the car. It is the heart of the car and the main energy provider in it. The engine is one of the highly complex parts in the car. As it contains many different parts that work together in harmony in order to supply the car […]

You can make your car’s interior sparkle again! You know what’s even more shocking? You can do it on your own. Because you already have many of the tools and materials needed. Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s dive right into easy hacks for cleaning your car’s interior detailedly. We’ll start by cleaning seats. Cloth/fabric […]