A computer virus is a malicious program that infects computer devices and changes the way it works without the user’s permission or knowledge. It keeps multiplying and adding itself to another program like boot sector or other files on the device. When the virus is implanted on the device it is done in order to […]

We all know that using smartphones is very convenient. They are useful in case we want to check the weather, talk to friends, find a recipe, and check the news or just to check what Kylie had for breakfast. However, for people with Nomo phobia, phones cause more problems than they solve. Nomo phobia is […]

Do you charge your phone every night before bed and still can’t keep your battery running till the end of the next day? Do you keep postponing and putting off important work because you’re always running out of charge? We bring you simple but essential tips that you can use to make your battery last […]

Are you in Rwanda and looking for a the perfect phone? Or wondering ” Where can i buy a phone in Rwanda?” You could be confused on which one is better for you. Because there are many different types of phones in Rwanda. People buy phones according to preferences; it could be that maybe the […]