Signs You’re Addicted To Your Cell Phone

Signs You’re Addicted To Your Cell Phone

We all know that using smartphones is very convenient. They are useful in case we want to check the weather, talk to friends, find a recipe, and check the news or just to check what Kylie had for breakfast. However, for people with Nomo phobia, phones cause more problems than they solve. Nomo phobia is a psychological condition of the fear of being detached from your phone. It is becoming a problem every day as more people are getting addicted to their phones. The good news is that you can easily find out whether you’re addicted to your phone and scale back before it gets worse.  Below are signs you might be addicted:

You can’t sleep

Phone addiction has been linked to no sleep. The blue light on your phone can actually mess up your sleep cycle, making it hard for you to fall asleep. If you realize you can’t stop scrolling through your phone until you fall asleep, then you might be addicted to your phone. You can instead read a book, drink some tea etc.


Being addicted doesn’t just mean looking at your phone every second. You just being dependent on your phone for your day to go well is an addiction as well. For some, not having your phone next to you or leaving it at home all day is a problem and makes you panic.

Social media stresses you out

If you are constantly checking your socials you are more likely to be stressed out. For example; political arguments on Facebook or drama between famous couples could give you a negative emotional effect. Also the urge of checking your phone and finding no messages on it results in more stress. This means you could be addicted to your phone.

Can’t be still without checking phone

The average person checks their cell phone about 47 times a day. That is already a lot of times. If you find yourself checking your phone at that measure or above it you could be suffering from Nomo Phobia and need to get some help.

Lose time

Do you frequently find yourself losing so much time on your phone? You snap back to reality only to find out you have been lost on your phone for a long period of time. When you lose time by reaching out to your phone every time you’re bored could mean you have a phone problem.

Always distracted

Sometimes you could be with your friends and family and miss out on what they are up to because you’re lost on your phone. If you’re giving your phone too much attention and ignoring the conversations of the people around you, you have Nomo phobia.

Text more than talking

One of the many poisonous signs of phone addiction is finding yourself isolated from the real world. If you find yourself communicating through text more than face to face, it’s a sign you need to put your phone down and meet your friends for a cup of coffee or lunch.

Feel lonely without it

Overusing your phone can lead to increased shyness or loneliness when you’re with people. This is because you have your whole world in a computer or phone. You might have over 5000 friends on Facebook or instagram, but still feel sad and lonely, you should call a friend instead.


People nowadays find it easier to communicate virtually instead of face to face. People with nomo phobia find it so hard to stay away from them. These people get strong withdrawal symptoms when they don’t have their phones. This therefore causes severe depression.

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