Month: March, 2021

We all know that using smartphones is very convenient. They are useful in case we want to check the weather, talk to friends, find a recipe, and check the news or just to check what Kylie had for breakfast. However, for people with Nomo phobia, phones cause more problems than they solve. Nomo phobia is […]

Chickpeas are a source of many useful nutrients. As they are a rich source of fibre, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin B group, some minerals and others below: Folate This is also known as vitamin B9 or folic acid, which is a necessary vitamin for the production of red blood cells and genetic material. This in turn […]

Fragrance Perfume is a product made by mixing natural materials and synthetic materials with a beautiful scent in precise proportions to obtain a distinctive scent. The perfume industry has developed over time, as there are now many types of perfumes that can be bought from the market, which differ in the type and concentration of […]

Most women have about between 11 – 13 menstruations each year. It could be more or less, it depends. The menstrual cycle is often irregular during the first few years after the start of menstruation. The hormones that control menstruation may take several years in order to reach balance. Menstruation may also be very irregular […]

Distracting the driver There are many reasons for the driver to be distracted while driving the vehicle. Some of which occur inside the vehicle and others outside it. Things like making a phone call, which reduces the focus of the brain and the skill of driving and thus causing traffic accidents. It is advised to […]

Determine the recipient of the request Determining the main purpose for the job application letter is of great importance to ensure that it reaches the right person. To determine this, it is necessary to look at the size of the company or institution. Note that at times it isn’t possible to directly approach the person […]