How to write a job application

How to write a job application

Determine the recipient of the request

Determining the main purpose for the job application letter is of great importance to ensure that it reaches the right person. To determine this, it is necessary to look at the size of the company or institution. Note that at times it isn’t possible to directly approach the person responsible for the department in which the applicant wishes to work in the case of large companies. And as for smaller companies, it is possible to approach the president or CEO of the company.

Application language

When a job seeker applies to one of the positions, they should be fitting his educational qualifications and job experience. This application includes a set of basic information about the applicant and is very similar to the information contained in his CV. It is necessary to follow some principles when the person starts writing a letter to request a specific job. This should include the commitment to briefness when presenting the application, maintaining a polite and professionalism of the language.

Choosing the style and size of the writing line

Text length

The job application text must be at least one page long.

Page margins

This is the concern for formatting job application text margins. It is done by making sure that the paragraphs are spaced one space apart.

Font type

This is choosing an appropriate type of writing, and it is recommended that its size ranges between 10-12 points.

Writing job application sections

This depends on properly organizing and coordinating them, and must include the following sections


This is the beginning of the text of the job application and the first section in it, and it contains information about the applicant for the job. Information such as: his name, place of residence, e-mail, and phone number.


It is the use of a polite sentence at the beginning of the job application, and one of the most used sentences is dear Mr. ….

Job application content

The first paragraph

It is the paragraph that contains the job or task for which the applicant will apply for the job.

The second paragraph

is the paragraph that contains information about achievements, experiences and past experiences to his job application, and how they can achieve the needs of employers to work.

The third paragraph

It is the last paragraph, and it contains a simple sentence used to thank employers, such as sincere thanks and the name of the applicant for the job.

Signature of the job applicant

It is written in two ways, namely: Use e-mail to submit the application. Only the name of the applicant for the job should be written. Submit the application on paper, and it is preferable to write the name along with the contact information.

Helpful advice when writing a job application

There are some points that are useful to be taken into account in obtaining a good response to the sent request, including:

  • Write the request in a confident language.
  • Facilitate the request summary for the recipient, so that he is able to respond, or take specific actions.
  • Attach a sealed envelope to the application in case something is expected from its recipient.
  • Follow up the request through a phone call, or via e-mail, or by sending another letter in the event that no response is obtained after a period of time.

Important advice when applying for a job

The job application is considered one of the important official papers, and it must be written in a correct and appropriate manner. It is also important to understand the nature of the job related to the application, so you can provide a CV that matches it. You should also make sure that you are well prepared to participate in the employment interview.

Reading the job description

This is the job applicant’s awareness of the text and content of the job advertisement, and that his qualifications are in line with the requirements of the job.

Create a CV

Writing an appropriate CV that contributes to endorsing the job application. Where the CV represents a way to build the first impression of the hiring supervisor. The CV should be appropriately designed and professional.  

Preparing for a job interview

You should do a set of things that help achieve success in the employment interview. Things such as training in the method of answering questions frequently used in interviews, such as self-talk.

Strategies for success on the job

Relationship building

  • Dealing well with people and maintaining good relations with management and colleagues on the job.
  • Avoid criticizing the job or management, or complaining about the job.
  • Commitment to patience while dealing with management and colleagues at work and during the implementation of the tasks and jobs required to be performed.
  • Enhancing the skill of listening and taking an appropriate time to accommodate the opinions and requests of others.
  • Avoid gossip and rumours while interacting with others.

Excellence in efficiency

  • Transferring a positive image from the beginning of joining the job. Take care to develop personal skills. Especially in written and verbal communications.
  • Asking about things that are incomprehensible; this helps avoid making mistakes.
  • Accept suggestions from colleagues and management; In order to improve the personal level at work.
  • Participating in training courses to develop personal skills. Promote entrepreneurship and enthusiasm to achieve business goals.

Time management

  • Avoid putting off work

Harmony with others

  • Participation in the social activities of colleagues at work, and maintaining the good reputation of others.
  • Wearing clothes that suit the nature of the work.
  • Avoid over-talking about past tasks and activities.

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